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Friday, Dec. 8
The Indiana Daily Student


A community united through art

The newest jewel in IU's crown of arts venues shined Friday night as members of the campus and community joined together to officially welcome Arts Week 2002.\nThe Theatre/Neal-Marshall Education Center was bustling with activity as anxious parents, students and arts patrons rubbed elbows at the 18th annual Arts Week opening ceremonies. A collaborative effort between the Bloomington community and the University, Arts Week highlights the many arts opportunities and programs offered throughout the year. \n"I think it really reflects on -- not just the week of activities and programming -- but the great example of the kind of art options and entertainment options that the community has throughout the entire year," Mayor John Fernandez said. \nFernandez was one of several guest speakers throughout the evening, preceded by Vice Chancellor of Academic affairs Moya Andrews and building architect Dan Kelly.\nAndrews spoke of the highly collaborative effort between the community and the University, despite the fact that it did not start out on such even footing.\n"In the beginning we talked about working with the community by thinking that we would invite the community to come to campus and see some of the events," Andrews said. "Well, our thinking has matured and grown since that time and so now this year…we believe we have the beginning of a true partnership with the City of Bloomington."\nArts Week actually began as a single weekend under the guidance of former professor of modern dance Fran Snygg, Andrews added. \n"It was all those years ago that they had the idea that it would be wonderful to celebrate all the arts here on campus and also cross disciplinary lines -- so that all the musicians and the drama people and the dancers and the artist who exhibited in the museums could all work together," Andrews said. \nA prime example of the collaborative efforts of the community and the University were the performances by the Bloomington Early Music Festival Minstrels and the IU Children's Choir. Involving children ages five to 16, students and members of the Bloomington community, the groups helped showcase the diverse opportunities available throughout the week.\n"We've got some great, great collaboration this year; I think more so this year than in years past," said Eric Nichols, the emcee of the evening. "And I think that is really coming to fruition and moving forward, and I'm looking forward to what happens in the future with it as well."\nNichols, as well as Associate Dean of the Faculties Kim Walker, worked to bring all of the events of the week together. Nichols said he was thrilled with the turnout for the opening ceremony and the appropriateness of the venue. Kelly, the architect, also commented on the new facilities.\n"When we began to conceive of this new building -- which was, believe it or not, back in 1989 -- we imagined it as being a great vessel," Kelly said, echoing his comments from the building's dedication. "A vessel from which the most savory art may simmer and be served"

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