Kirkwood switches line-up; The Leonards form duo

Following a recent change in line-up, Brad Schaupeter and Frank Winegar, a senior, of the local band Kirkwood decided it was time to incorporate more original songs into their shows.

Listeners can expect much of the same sound from Kirkwood, Schaupeter says. The band plans to play old and new covers as well as songs on its CD (released last fall) and some songs Schaupeter and Winegar have written since.

At the band's show this weekend at the Patio Lounge in Indianapolis, where they will open for Dave and Rae, just Winegar and Schaupeter will play, using electronic music to fill in the holes.

"With just piano and drums, it's kind of different. A lot of people look at it and kind of cock their heads and say, 'That's interesting,'" Schaupeter says.

But when the band plays longer shows, they pull in Justin Bryant, lead guitarist for Rich Hardesty, and Rob Calder, bassist for the Cutters, to perform with them, as they will Wednesday at the Bluebird Nightclub. The band plans to play about 10 original songs, some of which will be guitar-based while others will be more piano-rock (the band plans to bring a grand piano onstage).

Schaupeter says he hopes to include more original works in his shows and he and Winegar plan to move to Los Angeles at the end of this year to pursue their music.

"Frank and I have gone through several lineups… and we've always known this is what we want to do…" Schaupeter says. "We've waited a long time to include the original music, but with the switch in line-up this seems like the most opportune time to go to a market where that may be of some interest."

Keven and Steve Leonard, both juniors, left Kirkwood citing personal and professional differences and are performing locally as The Leonards.

The Leonards, twin brothers, plan to return to the roots they formed before joining Kirkwood. They used to play as a duo.

"We're going to go back to the basics," Keven says.

Acoustic covers will be the pair's forte with some original tunes thrown in, Keven says. He says they love music and if they find someone else they enjoy playing with, they will go for it. For now, they are happy playing together.

The Leonards will be matching up with a few other local musicians for a show for the Mini 500 that will be a laid-back, temporary set up.

Kirkwood will play at 10:30 p.m. Saturday at the Patio Lounge in Indianapolis (opening for Dave and Rae), at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Bluebird Nightclub, April 5 at the Indiana Memorial Union and April 11 at Kilroy's Sports Bar.

The Leonards will play April 13 and April 27 at Kilroy's Sports Bar.

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