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Saturday, Dec. 2
The Indiana Daily Student


Freshman brings hard work ethic to team

Freshman Ryan Recht is the definition of hard work.\nTake this as evidence.\nAt Fort Wayne's Homestead High School, he was the youngest winner of the Fort Wayne city tournament in its 89-year history at the tender age of 17. He went on to win the tournament three consecutive years.\n"I was very excited to win the tournament those three years," Recht said. "It was great because it was more special each additional time I won it."\nHe has taken that definition of hard work to IU, where he is an integral part of the men's tennis team. Recht impresses his coach, Ken Hydinger. \n"He has a big serve and solid volleys," Hydinger said. "He goes about his business. He plays at a high level, and I am proud of him for that." \nRecht's returns are somewhat suspect, but he is improving. Plus, his demeanor on and off the court is exemplary.\nHe never gets upset on the court, and his approach off the court is similar to his attitude on it. He treats the community and his elders with respect. \n"He is a really solid citizen," Hydinger said. \nRecht, a business major, said he has enjoyed his experience at IU. \n"It's been great," Recht said. "I'm meeting new people and enjoying my time playing tennis." \nRecht considered other schools close to home because he didn't want to be too far from his family and friends. He wanted his family to be able to see him play his college matches. He considered IU, Purdue, Ball State and Western Michigan. \nOne of the deciding factors was the fact that Recht's father attended IU and had a good experience. The Hoosiers have benefited from Recht's decision, especially since he's proved valuable in doubles play. He is 11-6 in overall doubles this year, including 4-4 in the spring. In contrast, he is only 7-9 in overall singles and 2-3 in the spring. A big factor in the difference in his records is his doubles partner -- usually senior Rahman Smiley. \n "It's partially because I have a good partner in Rahman," Recht said. \n Recht and Smiley seem to work well work together, which is a plus. When they play together, their opponents have to face two big service games. Smiley has also contributed leadership to Recht. \n Sometimes Smiley has to tell him what to do, but that's because Recht is a freshman. Recht learns more every day, and his partner touts his talent and work ethic. \n"He has a lot of natural ability," Smiley said. "He listens to what the coaches tell him." \nIn the near future, Recht could see more playing time because junior Zach Held decided to take a leave of absence for personal reasons. It is for an undisclosed amount of time. \nThe elated freshman's tennis career aspirations include moving up in the lineup, eventually to No. 1. Meanwhile, he has been playing at No. 5 and No. 6 this season. \nWhen he is a senior, Recht sees the sky as the limit. \n"I hope to become one of the better players in the country," he said.

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