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Monday, June 17
The Indiana Daily Student


The ultimate in frisbee teams

HoosierMama? and Calamity Jane feel at home in club sports

They come out one at a time to devote their time to practicing a unique sport. They are participants of a club sport at IU, Ultimate Frisbee. They practice every Tuesday and Thursday night at Woodlawn field.\nThe team HoosierMama?'s has about 40 male members on its varsity and B team. There are about 18 members on the varsity squad. The Women's team, Calamity Jane, has about 20 members.\nThe women's team practices at the same time as the men.\n"It's a really great social extracurricular activity," said senior Liz Lee, head of Calamity Jane. "It's an amazing group that plays." \nUltimate takes a big time commitment.\n"You have to budget your time," said junior Jeremy Cho. \nUltimate Frisbee is similar to football, but with a frisbee disc. The disc may be advanced in any direction by completing a pass to a teammate. There are seven players per team on the field. One point is scored every time the frisbee is suceesfully caught in the end zone. \nA regulation field is 70 yards by 40 yards with 25-yard deep end zones. In addition, all games are self-refereed. \nSelf-refereeing is an important aspect to the success of Ultimate. "We rely on the fairness of others. There's a level of honesty," Lee said. "The support is great, not only in the University, but also in the community. Every year there is a reunion tournament, where former players come back and play."\nHoosierMama?'s and Calamity Jane normally start their college seasons in the spring. Last year HoosierMama?'s played teams such as Notre Dame, Northwestern, Purdue, Georgia Tech, and Duke. \nRight now they are in the fall club season. This past weekend the HoosierMama?'s varsity team played in a tournament in Naperville, Ill. \nUltimate is beneficial in several regards. "Playing is very fun and it's exercise, but mostly it's a lot of fun," said senior Nick Voakes, head of Hoosiermama?'s. \nAlso, as with any sport, injuries are a part of playing. \n"Woodlawn Field is bad for practicing. It's injury prone because there are several holes," Cho said. \nWhat makes club sports more difficult is IU's lack of funding. Still, the teammates have close relationships with each other.\n"We're all good friends. We hang out on the road; six hour car rides," Voakes said. \nThe popularity of Ultimate continues to rise, too. \n"There are lots of freshmen, so I don't feel stupid," said freshman Matt Rasche. "We (freshmen) hope to keep improving."\nFor more information about joining the HoosierMama?'s contact Nick Voakes at \ or for Calamity Jane contact Liz Lee at

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