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Monday, June 17
The Indiana Daily Student


Teammate brings unique trait to team

Sophomore lends spirit, competitiveness to the court

Sophomore Melissa Brewer said it was easy to chose where she would attend college. She has always lived in Bloomington and said she plans to spend the rest of her life here. The 6'1" middle blocker said she loves her hometown. That was the deciding factor in where she would attend college.\n"Pretty much, if they offered me a spot on the team, I was coming here," Brewer said, "I didn't even look at any other schools. I just left it up to IU."\nBrewer said she noticed a major difference between playing for Bloomington North High School and playing as a Hoosier.\n"The pace is three times as fast in college," Brewer said, "You've also got more than one good player on your team. There are a lot of different players on a college team that can do many different things. \n"You spend a lot more time with these girls. We're all best friends in college; and in high school you only see each other at practice, and that's about it."\nLots of sleep and good nutrition play a big part in Brewer's life off the court, she said. The team members had a cooking class where they learned about nutrition and how to eat well. \nBrewer said anything she can do to help the team is what she needs to work on.\n"This last weekend, my blocking was not very good," Brewer said. "That's something I need to work on to help the team play better defense. Also, I need to work on my quickness."\nCoach Katie Weismiller said Brewer has a competitive spirit.\n"The thing with Melissa is, she listens. She really applies what we try and do with her," Weismiller said. "You want her on your side of the court. She's going to find a way to win. I hope that continues to be contagious and that the rest of the players pick that up."\nSophomore Katie Pollom said she likes the way Brewer communicates on the court and brings the team together.\n"She's very competitive, but also very team-oriented," Pollom said. "She always puts the team first and is very humble."\nBrewer may be competitive, but sophomore Nicole Hill said she mainly brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the team.\n"She can bring leadership at times when you won't expect it," Hill said. "Brewer is a very smart hitter. She's tall and dynamic so she gets her kills that way, but she also hits all kinds of smart shots that you can learn from."\n Freshman Karla Crose echoed Hill's remarks.\n "She brings so much excitement and pumps other people up with how she plays," Crose said. "She also supports other people. She's an all-around good player."\nTeammates said Brewer's house is one of the team's favorite hang out spots.\n"Everybody loves to go to her house," Hill said. "It's the first place everyone thinks of when we're wondering where we're going to go that night."\nJunior Hillary Toivonen and senior Laurie Gardner are two teammates Brewer said she looks up to.\n"There's a lot of leaders on our team, but Hillary and Laurie really took me in when I came here. They've taught me a lot about the game," Brewer said. "They know they can give me feedback and tell me what I need to do and where I need to be. They're just people I can really look up to."\nWeismiller said she notices how much Brewer loves the game.\n"She comes in and is very laid back but very focused," Weismiller said. "She just loves the sport right now and loves to play. She has such a desire and will to win and just does a nice job with her composure on the court."\nBrewer battles volleyball and academics but said the athletic department does an excellent job of helping Hoosier players.\n"If you need tutors, you get tutors," Brewer said. "And coach Katie helps you all the time, if you need help with a class or something, she's totally supportive of that."\nMedical school is next on Brewer's list after college. Her current plans are to become an anesthesiologist or dermatologist. As for volleyball, Brewer said she is far from being finished.\n"I want to play after college, whether it be parks or (recreation), or whatever comes along," Brewer said. "Just to stop playing would be awful, and I'd miss it way too much"

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