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Wednesday, Dec. 6
The Indiana Daily Student


Bush confident of victory

AUSTIN, Texas -- It was still raining Wednesday in Austin, Texas, and there was still no president-elect.\nAfter almost-complete election results predicted Republican candidate Texas Gov. George W. Bush the next president by about 1,700 Florida votes, Democratic candidate Vice President Al Gore demanded a recount in the Sunshine State. The difference between the two candidates as of early Wednesday morning was a mere 260 to 246 electoral votes, with Gore in the lead. The 25 electoral votes from Florida are just enough to put either candidate into the White House.\nAs the day progressed, reports of faulty ballots, locked ballot boxes and voter intimidation surfaced from many media organizations. \n"The final vote count shows we are ahead in Florida," said Bush in a statement he made outside the Governor's mansion. "If that is confirmed by the automatic recount, we have won the election."\nCampaign spokesperson Karen Hughes told the press core she thinks this is a good example of how the election process works. She said when Bush and running mate Dick Cheney received the news early Wednesday morning they remained calm.\nMost people in Austin are in disbelief.\n"Everyone was pretty much disgusted (last night)," said Billy Stallings, manager of a local coffee shop. "Everyone was really disappointed; it put the celebration on hold." Stallings was a part of the crowd in front of the Capitol Tuesday night when campaign chairman Don Evans announced the news that there would be no president announced that night.\nThe Texas Republican Headquarters had no statement as of press time. Headquarters phones were ringing off the hook.\nThe Texas Federation of Republican Women had also been receiving calls all morning from supporters and confused voters. Staff member Ellen Harrison said she is confident Bush will be victorious, particularly if they count the ballots from the military overseas.\n"Republicans are more supportive of the military," Harrison said, "so the military is more supportive of Republicans."\nPresident Bill Clinton appeared on CNN to issue a statement about his take on the state of the election.\n"No American will ever be able to say 'my vote wasn't counted,'" Clinton said.\nClinton added that he had a high-spirited conversation with Gore early Wednesday morning.\n"It is almost surreal," said Austin resident Paul Copps. Copps said he believes the recount is a necessary measure. "I think the electoral process is more important than who wins," Copps said.\nDuring a press statement this morning, Bush and Cheney did not seem too shaken by the indecision. \n"I think the emotions we feel (Bush) feels 1,000 fold," Copps said. "He probably has a wait-and-see attitude"

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