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'Monday Night Raw' gets physical

In front of a sold out crowd of 15,000 fans in Lexington, Ky., Triple H, who was allegedly "arrested" on the UPN Smackdown last Thursday, made his way to the ring with his "wife" Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. Triple H told the crowd he would not leave the squared circle until he got some answers as to who called the "police," leading to his arrest for allegedly hitting Stephanie. \nAs Stephanie and Triple H stood in the ring, commissioner Mick Foley emerged to an uproar from the fans. After a few wisecracks to Triple H and his wife, he said there was one likely suspect, a man of integrity. This had the sold-out crowd expecting Kurt Angle, who goes by the Three I's: intelligence, intensity and integrity. Angle came into the ring and denied he was the one who called police Thursday. \nFoley, wondering who the culprit could be, asked for Chyna ' who will be appearing in Playboy later this September ' to come to the ring and be accused of bringing in the cops. Chyna then denied that she called 911 to arrest Triple H. Then, in a surprise move, Test came to the podium and admitted he called so Triple H would miss the rest of Smackdown. \nHaving gotten to the bottom of everything, it was time to start wrestling. \nFoley booked a match between Triple H and Test for later on in the evening. Triple H, not willing to wait for the match, ran out to the podium to attack Test. Angle, however, made an attack on Triple H like Mike Singletary used to do for the 1985 Chicago Bears, and with the help of Test, kept him on the ground.\nAfter the first commercial break, half an hour had passed without a single wrestling match. WWF Champion The Rock made his way to the announcer's table as a special guest commentator. The first actual match, between Chris Benoit and Kane, was about on, and it was to see who would face the champion at the next monthly pay-per-view event, Unforgiven. \nAfter some wrestling and a quick shot into Kane's back with a chair, Benoit was disqualified. But this did not stop The Rock from getting a Rock Bottom on Kane, leaving the ring to an uproar from the fans. \nThe only other match truly worth watching was a triple threat match between Kurt Angle, Chyna and Guerrero. \nAfter the match got under way, Angle took Chyna's Intercontinental Title and knocked her over the head with it. Guerrero then threw Angle over the top rope before he went to console Chyna. What appeared to be a hug by Guerrero turned out to be a pin as the referee counted 1-2-3 on Guerrero's hug to Chyna. In a surprise move, Guerrero was crowned the new Intercontinental Champion. \nAfter the main event got going and The Rock kicked butt for a while, Benoit came out of the back to interfere with the match. With The Rock's partner outside of the ring, Edge and Christian made a chair sandwich out of Rocky smashing him in both sides of his head to keep their tag team titles. \nThe Undertaker was unable to make it to the ring to help his tag-team partner because he was feuding with Kane, the guest commentator. All of this was set up to see who The Rock would fight at Unforgiven. \nThe show ended with Kane and The Undertaker going toe-to-toe outside the ring. \nWith The Undertaker and Kane fighting and the love triangle between Angle, Triple H and Stephanie, it seems Benoit is the likely opponent for The Rock at the next pay-per-view. \nIU has a better chance of becoming a wet campus than Benoit has of beating The Rock, but in a world full of fixed matches, anything can happen.

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