EDITORIAL: Taking back Black Friday

EDITORIAL: Taking back Black Friday

Retailers are finally standing up to the Black Friday craziness.  Read more

FRONT: We are the world

FRONT: We are the world

Pray for the world, not just Paris.  Read more

COLUMN: White people, sit down. We need to talk

 Where’s the racism? You’re breathing it. Read more

COLUMN: The empathy of physics

Science teaches us what matters. Read more

COLUMN: Stand up to ISIS and stop the fear mongering

It’s time to stop being sad and afraid. Read more

COLUMN: Jeb Bush gets duped

Don't believe everything you read on the web and watch on TV. Read more

COLUMN: Stop closing clinics; stop self-induced abortions

Limiting abortion clinics in Texas is leading to self-induced abortions.  Read more

COLUMN: Governor Pence and others are just adding fuel to the Syrian refugee crisis

States have no control over taking refugees, so why comment? Read more


Out in the Open, Episode 1: Freedom of student journalism

Out in the Open features discussions and debates on hot topics and pressing issues in current events. The show is hosted by the Opinion editor, Madison Hogan, and stars columnists ...

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LETTER: Politicians refusing to allow Syrian refugees in are protecting us

In the days following the terrorist attacks in Paris, students flocked to social ... Read more

LETTER: Islamophobia in Bloomington harms us

If we can learn anything from the events of the past few weeks here in Bloomington, ... Read more

LETTER: Sharing sentiments and highlighting support base on IU's campus

I am sharing my deepest sentiments with Yaolin’s Mom as the article in 10/27/2015 ... Read more

LETTER: A missed opportunity by Indiana Daily Student

Our campus was most fortunate  Wednesday  evening (11/11/2015) to listen ... Read more