EDITORIAL: The move away from organized religion

EDITORIAL: The move away from organized religion

Young people are less interested in organized religion – and with good reason. Read more

EDITORIAL: DeVos makes a strong argument

EDITORIAL: DeVos makes a strong argument

Betsy DeVos' statements on sexual assault policies are congruent with protecting necessary due process. Read more

COLUMN: Thank you, Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari has given much to U.S. media, and he deserved to give an acceptance ... Read more

COLUMN: Spicer should not have been well-received at the Emmys

The Emmy's were too politicized even before Spicer's bit. Read more

COLUMN: Representing intersectional identities in entertainment is important

Fiction, film and television that portrays a diverse set of characters is not unrealistic, ... Read more

COLUMN: DACA and its recipients do not deserve to be threatened

Children of immigrants are among the bravest people in this country and need to ... Read more

COLUMN: Prioritize sustainability in upcoming Olympics

The Olympics can be an opportunity to better communities and improve upon environmental ... Read more

COLUMN: Advocate for recreational sports to stay in shape

Prioritizing enjoyment over winning can encourage people to get active and healthy. ... Read more


Out in the Open, Episode 1: Freedom of student journalism

Out in the Open features discussions and debates on hot topics and pressing issues in current events. The show is hosted by the Opinion editor, Madison Hogan, and stars columnists ...

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LETTER: Do not tell Black students how to handle the Benton mural

The claim that education is uncomfortable is dismissive of the Black student experience. ... Read more

LETTER: Benton's mural asks us not to repeat our past

The KKK mural isn't a tribute, it's the truth about Indiana's history. Read more