EDITORIAL: Ted Cruz could be the Antichrist

EDITORIAL: Ted Cruz could be the Antichrist

Only a Ted Cruz presidency will determine if Boehner is correct. Read more

EDITORIAL: What to do this summer

EDITORIAL: What to do this summer

Having an internship for the summer is only half the battle.  Read more

COLUMN: A story of serendipity

It’s been a pleasure working for the IDS Opinion section this semester. Read more

COLUMN: Tackling internet piracy

Do what you want because a pirate is free. You are a pirate. Read more

COLUMN: Schumer shuts down aggressive fan

Amy Schumer is used to commentary on her appearance and personality from anonymous ... Read more

COLUMN: ​The troubling paradox of Trumpian foreign policy

There are fundamental holes in Trump's so-called policy. Read more

COLUMN: Scientists continue researching Darwin’s finches

Charles Darwin is arguably the biggest name in biology. He is credited with writing ... Read more

COLUMN: Femme feels

For a long time I have been heavily invested in art about feelings. Often artwork ... Read more


Out in the Open, Episode 1: Freedom of student journalism

Out in the Open features discussions and debates on hot topics and pressing issues in current events. The show is hosted by the Opinion editor, Madison Hogan, and stars columnists ...

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Letter: The Pro-life movement is Pro-women

The late Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, a feminist and an accomplished American historian ... Read more

Letter: Combatting sexual assault

April 20, 2016 Culture of Care and IUSA join Union Board in the following:  As ... Read more

Letter: Re: “Hillary Clinton has no soul”

IDS opinion columnist Therin Showalter has no brain – or at least, that’s what ... Read more

Letter: Paying for my music

The recent death of Dave Baker brought up a lot of feelings in me besides the ... Read more