EDITORIAL: Clinton's VP Nom

EDITORIAL: Clinton's VP Nom

Hillary Clinton has announced her running mate nomination for Vice President, sitting Senator from Virginia Tim Kaine. While many are not familiar with ... Read more

EDITORIAL: Turkey's coup complications relationship with the U.S.

EDITORIAL: Turkey's coup complications relationship with the U.S.

With chaos happening in all parts of the world, you might have missed what happened in Turkey recently. Read more

COLUMN: Sequels aren't always double the fun

It shouldn’t surprise you to walk into a showing of Finding Dory this summer and ... Read more

COLUMN: America doesn't need King Midas' touch

            I have refrained ... Read more

COLUMN: You can't leave your identity at the door

Identity is always a thriving, political part of life. This is especially true in ... Read more

COLUMN: 2016 election will be very close

The Republican National Convention will conclude today, with Donald Trump now officially ... Read more

COLUMN: Melania Trump's Plagiarism, explained

It’s 2016 and we have spell-check, physical dictionaries, not to mention the countless ... Read more

COLUMN: Social advocacy from pro athletes is a breath of fresh air

Last Wednesday, ABC aired ESPN’s Espy Awards, an annual event held to honor outstanding ... Read more


Out in the Open, Episode 1: Freedom of student journalism

Out in the Open features discussions and debates on hot topics and pressing issues in current events. The show is hosted by the Opinion editor, Madison Hogan, and stars columnists ...

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LETTER: A call for pass/fail classes

Jews, Christians, and Muslims, R152, with Professor, Imhoff. A level 100 class that ... Read more

LETTER: Reject the lesser evil, vote for the greater good

Bernie supporters must reject “lesser-evil” argument, back Jill Stein instead ... Read more

LETTER: "No fly, no buy" harms us all

Earlier this month, Congressional Democrats conducted a sit-down protest on the ... Read more

LETTER: In response to "Indiana abortion law harms education"

In an editorial article published in the June 6th Indiana Daily Student, entitled ... Read more