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Monday, June 17
The Indiana Daily Student


OPINION: This week's end-of-the-semester hot takes


Samantha Camire: Online exams are such a waste of time. If you really want to test us over what we know, don’t prescribe/enforce online exams. Obviously everyone will just use the internet and work together to get as good a score as possible. You might as well just not have an exam at all. 

Ainsley Foster: I should not be required to attend every single presentation day to “critique” my peers’ performance. While I understand the effort that goes into making and rehearsing a presentation, I personally don't care whether my classmates are there to see it. And I certainly don't mind the smaller audience.  

Jack Davis: I’m going to miss school during summer break. Sure, the time off will feel nice, but I'm going to miss the friends I made during my freshman year. And it’ll also take some time to transition from the schedule I have during school to days of sleeping in till noon. 

Vincent Winkler: As an online student, I kind of feel out of the loop. When it comes to due dates, I really feel out of the loop. Professors need to stop/avoid copying and pasting a syllabus and also provide accurate due dates to help accommodate for students who can’t just pop into their professor’s office for clarification.  

Danny William: Professors who assign multiple final projects should be tried for cruel and unusual punishment. In one of my classes, I have a presentation, essay and exam. How does that make sense? How much comprehension do you need to assess? 

Joey Sills: Holding classes even when there’s nothing else to cover is such a waste of time. I understand test review is important and all that, and it should definitely be incorporated into the syllabus! But holding class every day of dead week while I’m also trying to juggle writing four or five essays on top of studying for my actual exams is making life harder for no reason. Hold more extensive office hours during dead week and allow me significantly more time to study and work on projects on my own. 

Erin Stafford: I typically enjoy the quiet chaos of dead week and finals week. While campus is still busy, everyone is generally silent and focused on preparing for exams and final papers. It’s a refreshing slow down after the craze of Little 500 weekend, and I love to bask in the individual togetherness we all feel at this tumultuous time.  

Isabella Vesperini: We should not need to learn more new material the week before finals. There’s already so much to study and go through; I don’t need more.  

Faith Badgley: There should not be a finals week. They should be spread out, or better yet, not exist. Having all your finals during the last week causes way too much stress and people probably do worse because they have all their other classes to worry about too. Something needs to change because having everything all at once is pointless.  

Caitlyn Kulczycki: Test-taking is so outdated. We need a better way of testing students on their knowledge because studying obsessively to memorize the information for a test all for the sake of a good grade isn’t proper learning.  

Advait Save: I need sleep! There should be a mandated and standardized sleep day after all exams and final projects. This day should be an official day of sleep where IU provides comfy blankets and extra cushiony pillows for their hard-working students to sleep for an entire day.  

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