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Josh Allen

Wheel of Misfortune

If you are an IU student, no doubt you know the tragic fate of Julian Batts, a recent contestant on Wheel of Fortune.

An unappreciated art

Surrounded by science majors studying for a test in Ergonomics, I can feel them glare at me and then eventually tell me how lucky I am and how easy I have it as I work on my short story for creative writing.

Theater CPR

“The Art of Bowing” begins with so much promise. But then, nothing. Nothing that it has the capabilities to do.

For the welfare of others

It seems reasonable to me that the beneficiaries of a government program should have to work passed certain obstacles in order to attain the reward.

What it means to upgrade IU

There is nothing wrong with the administration wanting to modernize their educational approach, but they need to discover what is most effective, and the only way they can do that is by monitoring students’ and professors’ reactions to the implementation.

Rhetoric is the GOP's entire argument

There is no evident reason why opponents of marriage equality should bring the well-being of a theoretical, and apparently conservative, child into a debate over law.

And the winner is...

No one. Absolutely no one. In today’s society it is incredibly difficult — if not utterly impossible — to live without deeply-set, perhaps unconscious, cynicism.

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