Grayson Harbour

An artificial intelligence could search an entire patient’s medical history, warn of complications and recommend possible treatments based on a patient’s current stage of illness. Such a computer is the pet project of two IU computer science and informatics professors, Kris Hauser and Sriraam Natarajan.

Results from a five-year study analyzing the accessibility and safety measurements of playground surfaces were released last week by the National Center on Accessibility, part of the Department of Park, Recreation and Tourism Studies at IU.

The largest anatomically correct sculpture of the human brain now stands on the corner of 10th and North Walnut Grove streets. The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences unveiled the brain sculpture as part of the department’s 125th anniversary celebration.

The Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences will celebrate its 125th year anniversary Oct. 11. The celebration will include lectures, career luncheons and the unveiling of a 10,000-pound  limestone sculpture of a human brain near the entrance to the Psychology Building.

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