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Drake Reed

Positive changes for IUSA

. When a ticket doesn’t have to compete against anyone else for power and knows it, there’s a much smaller incentive for it to get it right.

Transporting Change

Creating world-class destination cities doesn’t mean token transportation initiatives designed to limit the burden on businesses and make the commute for the rich marginally more comfortable.

Assaulting sexual assault

The Obama administration issued aggressive guidelines to combat sexual assault on college campuses. Meanwhile, reform of the way the military handles sexual assault among its own ranks continues to languish in Congress.

NRA breeding fear

After all, if the average person were considering shooting someone, they would be much more likely to do it if they knew that person didn’t have a gun as well.

NRA breeding fear

Telling people that their lives are constantly in danger is not only wrong, it’s irresponsible. The NRA has a right to exist and plan a conference in our capitol, but that doesn’t make their arguments correct.

The cradles of hate

Us-versus-them implies a zero-sum game. It makes the veiled case that what someone else gains, I must necessarily lose.

Democracy for a few

Before last week you could donate $2,600 to individual federal candidates — up to an aggregate limit of $48,600 — and $5,000 to any committee — up to an aggregate limit of $74,600. Those aggregate limits are no more.

Loaded Dice

Turning IUSA into a PLUS

If PLUS for IUSA really is the best choice for students, it should have nothing to fear from a more open, equitable and competitive election process.

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