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A reader from Rockaway, New Jersey.


When he acquired Village Deli nine years ago, owner Bob Costello had only one goal in mind: to bring the more-than-30-year-old restaurant back to its original objective.

My last words: 4 seconds at IU

This is it. For four years I have dreamed about writing this article: my last column in college. First, some advice to the incoming freshmen: There are two things you should always have: a fake ID and shower sandals. Do not lose either.

Racism is still real

Two weeks ago, I sat across from former IU halfback George Taliaferro as he delicately described to me that an element of racism still exists in Bloomington. I stopped him instinctively in self-defense.

Go to hell, NASCAR (and stay there)

That’s it. I am putting my foot down. If NASCAR is a sport, then driving your car should be considered an aerobic activity. Putting on your seat belt should be practiced as often as a jump shot, and changing your tire should be clocked like the 40-yard dash.

Before you bite down on your next Oreo, follow our step-by-step demonstration of how this practical joke is executed. If you’re not careful, you could end up like this guy.

April Fools' Or how we lost our friends in one day.

Pam and Jim from "The Office" make pulling pranks on your co-workers look hilarious. We tried to pull some of our own in-office pranks, but there wasn't a lot of laughter. Pranking is hard. If you want everyone to hate you, April Fools' Day is the holiday for you. One of our pranks ended in tears. It was two minutes of excitement followed by hours of guilt and regret eating away at the pits of our stomachs. Trust us, it hurt to exhale. We learned one important lesson on our quest for the perfect prank: Fake deaths are not as funny as you'd think.

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