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36 years later, 9/11 protests erupt

SANTIAGO, Chile - Sept. 11 is a day of remembrance and commemoration for those who have died – including the former president of Chile. 

Helping clear the smoke

CUSCO, Peru - Stale smoke chokes me as I lay down the bricks for a stove intended to change the life of a Peruvian family.

Missing Yale student found buried in wall

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – Investigators have found the body of a female Yale student inside a wall in the basement of 10 Amistad St., the building where the student, Annie Le, was last seen, authorities said Sunday evening.

Surrender to the sugar

For someone with arguably the world’s greatest sweet tooth and the cavity fillings to prove it, spending a semester abroad in Florence is a dream come true.

One nation, over God?

For an American, laïcité is most easily understood as a separation of church and state much more extreme than our own – after all, though our laws may be God-free, our money, Declaration of Independence and Pledge of Allegiance are not.

Yonsei University students cheer on the soccer team through a rain of confetti Saturday afternoon at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium.

Yon-Ko Games: Korea’s Little 500

Since 1956, Yonsei University has participated in a series of friendly sports games with its rival, Korea University.

Children’s holiday in Chile

In Chile and many other Latin American countries, there’s a holiday specifically for the kids. It’s called “El dia de los ninos” – Children’s Day. It is a day of celebration for children around the world.

Catholic nation OK with same-sex marriage

Spanish people have been identified by the Vatican as some of the more virtuous and orthodox followers of the Catholic church, a fierce opponent to equal rights for homosexuals.

Hindu-Muslim tension at Ganesha Festival

HYDERABAD, India – As I bicycled to yoga last week, the usually quiet 5:45 a.m. crowd was blasting music and drowning out the call to prayer from a nearby mosque.  
When I asked what was going on, I was told the Ganesha festival.

Roadside bombs kill 4 US soldiers, 8 locals in Iraq

Roadside bombs killed four U.S. soldiers in Iraq on Tuesday, the military said, in the deadliest day for American troops in the country in weeks, as a series of bomb attacks along roads claimed eight Iraqi lives.

Afghan recount ordered; Karzai nears outright win

A U.N.-backed commission Tuesday ordered a recount of tainted ballots from the Afghan presidential vote, saying it had “convincing evidence of fraud,” even as President Hamid Karzai for the first time surpassed the threshold needed to avoid a runoff and win re-election.

Penn St. asking for donations

Students who are accepted into Penn State University’s prestigious honors college get more than academic feathers in their caps. They get $3,500 annual merit scholarships.

Judge: No flogging for female trouser-wearing journalist in Sudan

A woman journalist was convicted Monday of public indecency for wearing trousers but was spared a sentence of flogging. A defiant Lubna Hussein said she would not pay a $200 fine and would take a month in prison instead to protest Sudan’s draconian morality laws.

‘La bella figura’

MILAN, Italy – This is the city of beautiful people. I spent the last week hiding behind dark sunglasses staring at them all. And trust me on this – once you are staring there is no way to stop yourself.

Civilians flee military operations in NW region

Thousands of civilians are fleeing the latest military operation against insurgents in Pakistan’s northwestern Khyber tribal region, a government official said Sunday.

Acid attack injures 11

An attacker hurled acid at pedestrians in a crowded Hong Kong shopping district Sunday, injuring 11 people in the neighborhood’s fourth acid attack in a year.

Flip-flop-free France

What French feet (or at least those of the Aixois) seem to be lacking are those plain, rubber, monochrome, stateside-ubiquitous Old Navy flip-flops that I can now – whether with pride or disdain, I’m unsure – call American.

Swine-Flu tracking iPhone application debuts

A new iPhone application called “Outbreaks Near Me” that allows users to track and report local outbreaks of infectious disease was released Tuesday.

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