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Friday, June 14
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Children’s holiday in Chile

Vina del Mar, Chile – In the United States, we celebrate a variety of holidays that recognize particular events and people.

In Chile and many other Latin American countries, there’s a holiday specifically for the kids. It’s called “El dia de los ninos” – Children’s Day. It is a day of celebration for children around the world.

While many countries now celebrate this holiday, it originated in Latin America.

In Chile, El dia de los ninos is always celebrated on the second Sunday in August. Its primary purpose is to acknowledge the important role of children in society.

The holiday is celebrated throughout the country, in schools and homes alike.

While El dia de los ninos is a very traditional holiday, it has now become commercialized in many countries. Stores prepare for the holiday in many of the same ways they anticipate Christmas, such as offering sales on toys and candy.

Restaurants adapt by creating new menus that cater specifically to children.

Most importantly, on El dia de los ninos there is a children’s carnival.

In the Chilean city Vina del Mar, a road is blocked off for the all-day carnival. The street is then packed with children’s games and activities, including everything from Moonbounces to karaoke.

There are all kinds of entertainers, including clowns, magicians and dancers, as well as many vendors selling toys and candy.

This holiday is a great occasion for many Latin American families to spend time together. It offers time to relax and enjoy each others’ company.

But the holiday is about more than gifts and playtime.

It is also a day to recognize the rights of children around the world. Many children around the globe deal with issues that would be difficult even for an adult.

This holiday acknowledges that there are children in the world that are abused and neglected. It recognizes that there are children that must work to survive, in spite of child labor laws.

El dia de los ninos acknowledges those who often get overlooked or ignored. In an effort to assist these children, many organizations like UNICEF collect money during this holiday in order to support them.

The holiday calls attention to the children of this generation and celebrates them.
El dia de los ninos is a holiday that reminds us that children are important – they are the future.

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