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Don't censor tragedy

We shouldn't shy away from media that makes us uncomfortable.

Making war a game

Drones take loss out of war, and that's a problem.

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Throwing stones from a glass house

It looks like OKCupid's Sam Yagan was trying to capitalize on a movement without doing any real work. Turnaround is fair play, but hypocrisy never looks good on anyone.

Adultery? Sure. Abuse of power? No thanks.

What I do care about is that a man who takes the power granted to him by the voting populace sees fit to abuse it by preying on unassuming and naïve (and, in this case,
attractive female) constituents.

Popping pills for dropping pounds

The Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter, Fla., is working on a pill that mimics the effects of exercise. It’s years away from hitting the pharmacy. But should it ever?

Letter: Wisconsin's abortion ultrasounds

I am writing in response to Cole Lewis’ July 8 article “Wisconsin decides to kick (her) while she’s down” which criticized Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s bill to require
ultrasounds before abortions.

When ignorance really is bliss

For people like me who cannot abide knowing what happens in a TV show or book before I get to it, the world is a minefield.

Trayvon Martin: 1995-2012

Either way, a child is dead

I’ve heard people describe the case as “some black boy got shot by a Mexican.” And then they go crazy about how the gunman must be racist. If Zimmerman had been black it would be a completely different conversation.

Don't kill the messengers

Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning made huge sacrifices to reveal the things they did. Regardless of your opinions on their crimes, what they brought to light deserves to be heard, debated and changed accordingly.

Soda ban is 'sodapressing'

Bloomberg’s concerns are in the right place, but this ban just isn’t practical.

The curious case of Edward Snowden

The NSA revealed citizens’ private information to protect the country. Snowden revealed the federal government’s private information to protect the country. If you don’t support the NSA’s program, logic says you shouldn’t support Snowden’s pardon.

A new, better dictionary

With the inclusion of a phrase like “dad dancing,” a lot more slang should be added. Here are my revisions for the next edition of the dictionary.

The horror of Warped Tour

You get dehydrated, sunburnt, injured and sweaty, and you end up smelling like weed.

A true map quest

At the beginning of each of the five rounds in a game, you are dropped into a random Google street view somewhere in the world. Then you have to guess where you are by dropping a pin on a political map of the globe.

Happy Father's Day, Mom

This is what happens in most single-parent households. When one is missing, the other tries to fill both pairs of shoes. And yes, it’s twice the work, so they deserve twice the credit.

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