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EDITORIAL: Panama Papers are a bigger deal than you think

If you haven’t heard of the Panama Papers or don’t know what they mean, then you’ve seriously misjudged the gravity of the situation. You see, it turns out that the stereotypical trope of rich people hiding away all of their money in a “Swiss bank account” is actually true, except the accounts happen to be in Panama. The world’s richest and most powerful people “invest” their money in fake business in order to avoid taxation.

EDITORIAL: Duke students stage a protest

Student protests have become ubiquitous at many university campuses across the country — which makes this academic year akin to sit-ins of the 1960s.

EDITORIAL: Free speech under fire

The presidential debate has taken a new format – side walk chalk. Across the nation universities have been battling with a new freedom of speech debate focused on chalk messages scribbled across campuses.

EDITORIAL: Moose on the Loose

It’s a sad day when a student can’t get their fix of Chocolate Moose. And it might be a sad semester for many of us now that the building will be temporarily closed down.  The Chocolate Moose will be closing down and rebuilt to a new four-story building, according to store owner Justin Loveless.  The Editorial Board is saddened by this news, but we hope the new restaurant will be better for giving students their ice cream.

EDITORIAL: Uneasy acquaintances

One handshake can tell it all. The latest meeting between President Obama and President Raúl Castro began with a bungling of a greeting. The failed handshake between the two leaders showed the uneasiness that still exists between the two nations and the shaky ground that this new relationship will be resting on.

EDITORIAL: A dangerous drug bill

We’ve all been told time and time again that drugs are bad. This hardly ever stops people from taking them though - even with strict punishments for sale, possession, and use. Not every drug is illegal.

EDITORIAL: The numbers don't lie

The republican primaries have been getting all the attention lately, as the country waits to see if anyone can stop The Donald.

EDITORIAL: Braving Brussels

As benefactors of freedom and impartiality, we need to put an end to this Us versus Them mentality. We fail to recognize that we are all afraid because deep down, we know that there is no tried and true method of handling this.

EDITORIAL: Unnecessary burdens on abortion

Last Thursday, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed into law House Enrolled Act 1337, which creates limitations on abortion in the state of Indiana. The Editorial Board claims that the law is drastically unnecessary for women’s rights and must be repealed immediately.

EDITORIAL: Background checks of Police

The National Decertification Index is, surprisingly, not widely used. The index contains the names of all police officers that have been decertified in their jurisdiction for things such as insubordination or misconduct.

EDITORIAL: ISIS attacks called 'genocide'

The terror that is sweeping through the Middle East known as ISIS now has the official label of genocide from the United States government. The editorial board hopes that this will spur some action and collaboration with the international community against ISIS.

EDITORIAL: Yale athlete not exempt from consequences

In a bumpy start to Yale’s first appearance in the NCAA tournament in 54 years, senior captain Jack Montague was expelled from the university after he was ruled to have violated the sexual-misconduct policy

EDITORIAL: Religious protection in Russia

If you’ve ever heard of the punk art group Pussy Riot, then you may already know about Russia’s controversial law that prohibits anyone from “offending the sentiments of Orthodox believers”.

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