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Sunday, May 26
The Indiana Daily Student


EDITORIAL: Clinton's VP Nom


Hillary Clinton has announced her running mate nomination for Vice President, sitting Senator from Virginia Tim Kaine. While many are not familiar with the Senator, the Editorial Board thinks Kaine is a solid choice that strikes a stark contrast between Donald Trump’s choice.

EDITORIAL: BLM back in public spotlight


The murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile at the hands of on-duty police officers last week catapulted the conversation on #BlackLivesMatter into the national spotlight, yet again.

EDITORIAL: Internet is ruled to be a utility


A federal court has officially ruled high speed Internet as utility rather than a luxury and the Editorial Board is hyped. Not only does this mean that the cost of Internet might decrease but also that broadband companies will face increased policing while customers get better protection.

EDITORIAL: Conscription comes for women

            The role of women in the U.S. military has slowly been evolving from caretaker to soldier. Now, thanks to a vote by the Senate to expand the military’s draft policy to include women, women can now be draftees once they reach 18.

EDITORIAL: Students turn away from Trump


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s inflammatory and racist comments during the presidential election cycle so far have drawn derision and criticism from politicians and figures in the media. Now, they may be harming international students' desire to come to the United States.

EDITORIAL: Indiana abortion law harms education


Education at a secular, government-funded university should never be compromised or infringed upon by one particular religious ideology, but that’s exactly what’s happening to Indiana University researchers as a result of the state’s latest abortion restrictions.