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Rereleases are games too

Certainly, gamers have been burned by remakes in the past, but I believe rereleases cannot be all bad.

Hunting with care

“Good Wolf Dead Wolf” is a Facebook community that posts graphic pictures of hunted and killed wolves, celebrating each picture with the declaration “the only good wolf is a dead wolf.”

What’s in a grade?

The harsh reality is, your time in school can be boiled down to a single number; your grade point average.

The case for a day off

Now that summer has finally come upon us, the nearly-eternal struggle to stay ahead of, well, everything should have subsided and left us to relax.Or so you’d think.

NRA breeding fear

Telling people that their lives are constantly in danger is not only wrong, it’s irresponsible. The NRA has a right to exist and plan a conference in our capitol, but that doesn’t make their arguments correct.

The cradles of hate

Us-versus-them implies a zero-sum game. It makes the veiled case that what someone else gains, I must necessarily lose.

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