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Trash in the news

As a student who is looking to build a career in the art of journalism, I must say I’m extremely disappointed. No, this isn’t another 700-word word rant on the closing of the IU School of Journalism.

Open the gates, free the trees

Let’s talk trees. More specifically, let’s talk about our very own trees in the Arboretum and why we’re being withheld the pleasure of walking amongst them to and from class.

College is to religion as ...

No other environment is as conducive to self-exploration and experimentation as college.There is a stigma surrounding religion on college campuses that implies that students who subscribe to a faith are either ignorant, extremists or prudes.In a place where intellect reigns supreme, the notion of believing in an intangible, abstract higher power is silly at best and destructive to society at worst.Wherever a student finds himself in his spiritual journey, college does not mean that he has to walk away from the faith, whatever the flavor may be.The individual is the only person that is capable of understanding the intricacies of his personal beliefs and ultimately, the foundation of his identity.

No takesies backsies, Indiana

The legalization of gay marriage has long been a hot topic, but it has finally become a point of major debate

What's in a name

Since the 1970’s, there has been an on and off public debate about the appropriateness or

NRA breeding fear

Telling people that their lives are constantly in danger is not only wrong, it’s irresponsible. The NRA has a right to exist and plan a conference in our capitol, but that doesn’t make their arguments correct.

The cradles of hate

Us-versus-them implies a zero-sum game. It makes the veiled case that what someone else gains, I must necessarily lose.


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