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The new body anthem

If you spent any time in a car during the summer you were likely thoroughly harassed by Meghan Trainor’s hit, “All About that Bass.” It probably got to the point where you were so sick of it, you were begging for treble.

'More than cream and crimson"

It’s that time of the year again where everybody and anybody affiliated with IU gathers around the town square to show their school spirit: IU Homecoming.

Classical stupidity

On Tuesday, the Indiana Charter School Board denied a charter to the Seven Oaks Classical School in Bloomington.

Thank you, Mr. Love

IU will lose a valued and impassioned staff member in November. After a decade of serving as director of the Office of Diversity Education, Eric Love will leave IU to take on a new position at Notre Dame.According to the Indiana Daily Student article that ran Oct.

We need to end sexism in our school systems

Anti-feminists are cowards, plain and simple.For someone who does not believe in the equality of the sexes, it is not because they believe women are the weaker sex, but because they are afraid of losing power.It was obvious when Emma Watson gave her now infamous U.N. speech for the campaign HeforShe, and was immediately threatened with a nude photo leak that proved false.

Latte salute

The Latte Salute, which became the subject of so much ridicule and scorn from members of the military community last month, is endemic of an unprecedented number of public relations nightmares from the Administration.Apocryphally, the tradition of saluting came from the Romans.

Shut up about costumes

Stop talking about your opinion of other women’s bodies like it matters.

Pics or it didn't happen

Ladies and gents, let’s all just take a brief moment to think about how many photos we have posed for over the past weekend, month and (heaven forbid) the past year.Social media has seriously inflated the number of photos that we take of ourselves and with our friends.

The art of dying

Elizabeth Bishop might have been right when she wrote in her poem “One Art” that “the art of losing isn’t hard to master.”But in light of the recent events concerning the assisted suicide dispute between two cancer patients, Brittany Maynard and Kara Tippetts, one must wonder whether there is also an art to dying as well.The debate boils down to this: Maynard is choosing to end her own life through assisted suicide while Tippetts is choosing to let the natural process overtake her.Although there are bigger political implications to the question, namely the ones regarding policies on assisted suicide, I’d like to point out that perhaps this debate about these two specific people is unnecessary.No matter how we might want to judge others for their actions and arrive at conclusions about whether they are contemptible or praiseworthy, the thought of this happening to someone close to the brink of death is disheartening.One might be inclined to argue that we are all on our way to dying and that dying shouldn’t change our judgments on acceptable behaviors for society.

It's their life

A 29 year-old female made national news with her decision to partake in medically-assisted suicide.After weighing all possible courses of action, Brittany Maynard decided that rather than treating her inoperable brain tumor, she will end her life through prescribed medication, known as “dying with dignity.”The subject of doctor-assisted suicide is clearly controversial.The practice of dying with dignity is only allowed in a few states.

The real GMOs

The experimental cultivation of genetically modified foods for commercialization is a hot topic boiling within a thick soup of social and political controversies.

Not all gone girls

If you have yet to see David Fincher’s new movie "Gone Girl," or read the book by Gillian Flynn , you need to stop reading this column

Not on my turf

On Friday, HuffPost Women blogger Carol Bysiek published her open letter to the NFL online.

No room for debate

In a representative democracy, such as the one we currently have in the United States, it’s of the utmost importance that our representatives stand as engaged with the voting populace.

Misogyny in gay men

Misogyny among straight men is nothing new in our culture. It’s existed for as long as straight men themselves have existed.But what if I told you that there’s misogyny among gay men?

Jen's nude moment

Jennifer Lawrence has finally spoken out about the release of her nude photos back in August.The 24-year-old “Hunger Games” and “X-Men” star broke her silence in an interview with Vanity Fair.“I was just so afraid,” she said.

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