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Sunday, Dec. 3
The Indiana Daily Student


The Editorial Board's weekly takes


Josh Hoffer - More stores should have a bring-your-own-container option to cut back on packaging waste.  

Neeta Patwari - I wish it was socially acceptable to wear ski masks in public.

Maddy Klein - You aren’t truly from the Midwest if you don’t stick your windshield wipers up when it snows.

Ezra Engels - Vaping is the devil’s humidifier.

Anne Anderson - Pineapple does go on pizza.

Madelyn Powers - Pineapple does NOT go on pizza. Also, Viola Davis does not get enough credit for being the amazing actress she is.

Miranda Garbaciak - Fenty Beauty if the best thing to happen to intersectional makeup.

Emma Getz - Possums have underutilized potential to be cute pets.

Matthew Waterman - If you’re going to play one of the pianos in the residence hall lounges, you should at least sound decent.

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