An Argot plays Rachael's Cafe

By brancook
Published Mar 6, 2013 4:07 pm

An Argot; Rachael's Cafe

Thursday, 8 PM

Rachael's Cafe will be hosting a bevy of eclectic performances tomorrow night, among them the "quirky indie-folk" duo, An Argot. Most of their music could be chalked up to some folksy sounding fiddling around, yet the lyrics have a type of sad poetic gravity to them: "I spend all night losing sleep/ I spend the night and I lose my mind," which, coupled with frequent dips into the minor keys, creates an atmosphere both off-setting and endearing. An Argot will be playing alongside fellow folk acts Chris Wilson and the Planet Earth, Johnny Nevada, and Bassel Al-Madani.

Post by Brandon Cook

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