IU coach Tom Crean on playing four freshmen and one sophomore:

"I didn't second guess it. We moved things around - we had Verdell at the point to start the game, we had Christian at the small forward spot to start the game. Christian did a really good job of mixing positions today and finishing and all those types of things."

Crean on Jordan Hulls and Derek Elston, a pair of in-state freshmen:

"Neither one of those guys are just program guys - I mean they are because of their character, because they love to work, because of their development, because of the kind of people they are - but they're going to have a hand in turning the program. You want to have program-turners, not just program guys. We're really fortunate to have them."

Crean on the team's efforts to get better:

"This team walks in here every day - I would put their effort in practice and their desire to get better with any of the teams that I have coached. Is it as efficient as some of the ones I have coached? No. Is the talent as high as some of those? No. Does that mean there's not issues? It doesn't mean that at all. Buf if you talk about coming in every day and really wanting to get better, there's no question they do that. That's why it's going to turn."

Freshman Bobby Capobianco on the 4-fresh., 1-soph. lineup:

"It's cool, but we look at ever body in the same light. It was five guys who were out there playing hard and getting the right things done."

Sophomore Verdell Jones on the victory:

"We were out there fighting our butts off. We really just wanted to do it for the seniors and send them out right."

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