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Sunday, April 21
The Indiana Daily Student


OPINION: This week's hot takes


Jack Davis: People packing up 10-15 minutes before class ends is silly. The professor gives us hours of their time each week, so the least we can do is sit through the final 15 minutes of class, humoring them without all the rustling of our backpacks. 

Thalia Alleman: I’m honestly shocked that any “Bachelor" or “Bachelorette” season ended in an engagement that was successful. While it is entertaining, and I am keeping up with the current drama unfolding in this new season, I find the entire concept of the show to be a little ridiculous. Especially for the “contestants” to only know the lead for six weeks. I also find it crazy that people are so comfortable sharing such personal details about their lives on national television just to not end up with the person when it’s all over. I sometimes even think — are these stories they share even true?  

Leila Faraday: I truly despise when I ask a question in class or answer a question asked by the professor and every other student proceeds to spin their heads to stare at me while I speak.  

Samatha Camire: People who know the answer in class and refuse to raise their hand drive me nuts. Yes, sometimes you don’t know the answer or are having an off day. But it is absolutely infuriating when half the class knows the answer and can’t be bothered to volunteer it when asked. That awkward silence while the professor stares at the class waiting for an answer is so avoidable! Just speak up! 

Erin Stafford: I absolutely despise 3D animation unless I’m watching a Pixar movie. 3D animation works for the stylized kind of films Pixar strives to make, but I cannot to see it in recent Disney films like “Moana,” “Encanto” and “Wish.” 2D animation is technically more artistic and has this raw kind of simplicity that allows for more exaggeration and texture. For lack of a better word, 3D animation just looks plastic. Give me back the dreamy and lively charm of the 2D animation in classic 20th-century animated films!  

Danny William: The “Mission: Impossible” franchise solos “James Bond” every single time. After having seen every “Mission: Impossible” film as of this weekend and a good dozen Bond movies, I’ve determined every aspect to be better. The fights, stunts, stories and characters in just the latest outshine anything any Bond movie I’ve seen has done. Ethan Hunt forever! 

Joey Sills: It should be illegal for religious organizations to solicit students on public university campuses. I just ran at the sight of what I could only presume were two Mormon missionaries, and honestly the world would be a much better place — and my life much easier! — if this simply wasn’t allowed. I would argue the same should be said of military recruiters, but that’s a whole other topic of conversation. 

Ellie Willhite: Everyone should be more concerned about the slow death of physical media! If your purchases are on your digital account, in the cloud, whose space you’re just renting from a corporation for a subscription fee, what’s to stop that corporation from deleting your stuff with no recourse! We’re seeing it happen with the Crunchyroll-FUNimation merger, and we’ll see it happen with a lot more companies too. Protect your favorites and buy them on DVD or Blu-ray! 

Ainsley Foster: I think “The Bachelor” is scripted. Or at least, heavily edited and refilmed. There's just no way people just naturally have all that drama! 

Faith Badgley: Netflix is the best streaming site for shows and movies. Yes, I’m aware that they’re changing the cost and all of that nonsense, I hate it too; however the movie and show selection always hits compared to other sites like Max and Hulu.  

Isabella Vesperini: The people that regularly skip class infuriate me. What’s the point of paying thousands of dollars for a college education if you’re barely going to show up? You’re wasting both your time and money.

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