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Thursday, May 23
The Indiana Daily Student


OPINION: Living-Learning Centers are great housing options


When deciding where I wanted to live for my first year in college, I was overwhelmed with options. I could go the traditional route, live in a dorm, or join a living-learning community. During my IU Red Carpet Day experience, I visited Collins LLC and knew immediately that it was where I wanted to live. Five months in, I couldn’t be any happier with my decision. While you can meet friends in any living situation, an LLC provides additional opportunities to make connections, get involved in activities and feel supported. 

One of my favorite things about Collins is how easy it was to get to know people. We all participate in courses designed just for Collins students, which help build relationships. I rarely see someone and don’t know them by face or name. It makes it easier to strike up a conversation with anyone. 

Every time I visit one of the larger dorms, I feel like a fish out of water. Some people thrive in that type of environment, but it’s not for me. The buildings at Collins are on the smaller side and include many spaces to study and hang out, like the Cheshire Cafe. I appreciate the quietness of the dining hall at Collins, which can’t be beaten when trying to study. 

While Collins is the best fit for me, it isn’t the only LLC on campus. Many schools, like the Media LLC and Kelley’s Jellison LLC, have dedicated LLC floors within dorms. Others, like the Women in STEM LLC, share common interests. You can find a complete list on the RPS website. 

Depending on what LLC you end up at, you can meet like-minded people, as I did at Collins, or people with similar majors. “My favorite parts have been the people and the events,” Aidan Kinser, a student who lives in Collins LLC, said. “The people that I have met here have been some of the best I’ve known. And then there is so much going on; there is always something fun to do.” This is a similar sentiment among every other Collins resident I’ve talked to. 

Other things I love about Collins include all the activities happening each day. There are theatre productions, movie showings and even a fencing club. We also have access to art studios and many Collins student organizations where you can get leadership positions. Finding places on campus, with all this and more, is hard to find. 

LLC living may not be for everyone, but it has been perfect for me. With IU Red Carpet Days coming up, many incoming students may not know these housing options exist or how they differ from a traditional dorm experience. So, if you’re an incoming freshman looking to find community and connection, be sure to check out an LLC while you’re on campus.  will open Housing applications open up on February 1. 

Jack Davis (he/him) is a freshman majoring in journalism. 

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