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Sunday, April 21
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Monroe County Health Department releases January 2024 food inspection report


The Monroe County Health Department released its January 2024 food inspection report, with seven locations receiving critical or non-critical violations. 

According to Monroe County’s website, critical violations are defined as incidents likely to directly contribute to a foodborne disease. Non-critical violations are contributing factors to outbreaks but are not usually the primary cause of an outbreak. 

Bedrak Café: 409 S. Walnut St. 

Critical violations included no date marking on refrigerated foods and raw meat was stored above foods. 

China Wok: 4013 S. Old State Rd. 37 

Non-critical violations included debris buildup behind deep fryer and cleaning towels not stored in sanitizer. 

Circle K/Mac’s: 1115 S. Walnut St. 

Critical violation was found due to debris in soda fountain spouts. 

Cracker Barrel: 380 N. Jacob Drive 

Non-critical violations were due to debris buildup on the floor, under racks and a counter and standing water in dish area. 

Domino’s: 2620 S. Walnut St. 

Non-critical violation included water in the hand sink reaching a maximum temperature of 76°F. 

Lincoln Square Pancake House: 2160 N. Walnut St. 

Non-critical violations included a cellphone on rack with bulk foods and scoops stored inside ice machine. 

Starbucks Coffee – South: 1921 S. Walnut St. 

Critical violation was debris buildup on ice machine. Non-critical violations included a soiled apron on top of a display case, an empty sanitizer test strip container, a wiping cloth not soaked in sanitizer and debris buildup under counters. 

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