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Monday, March 4
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Beta Sigma Psi vandalized, placed on cease and desist day after


The IU chapter of Beta Sigma Psi was vandalized around 5 a.m. Sunday, resulting in between $750-$49,999 in damages, according to the IU Police Department crime log. 

Camera footage from the fraternity’s house showed three men with black ski masks and spray paint, according to a statement from Hannah Skibba, IUPD public information officer. The incident is under investigation, but Skibba encouraged anyone with information about the case to call (812) 855-4111. 

The three men vandalized the house’s exterior, including most of the outside walls, door and parking lot, Skibba said.  

IUPD can’t disclose the contents of the vandalism because Skibba said they may relate to an ongoing investigation. 

Beta Sigma Psi was placed on cease and desist for hazing Monday, a day after the vandalism. Sexual harassment, physical abuse and forced use of substances were originally cited as reasons for the suspension, but the IU Office of Student Life removed those allegations and replaced them with hazing Tuesday.  

According to IU’s definitions of disciplinary statuses, cease and desist is a temporary measure placed upon aspects of chapter operations when there is an immediate threat or ongoing investigation. All chapter activities halt, and further misconduct could lead to additional consequences, such as suspension or expulsion from the university. 

This story will be updated. 

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