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Saturday, June 15
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Simon Coronel, World Champion of Close-Up Magic, tours in Bloomington Nov. 9-18


Simon Coronel’s “Glitches in Reality” is set to hit the stage at the Ted Jones Playhouse starting Nov. 9-18. Constellation Stage and Screen will organize the event.  

Coronel spent the last decade honing his magical skills to earn himself the title of World Champion of Close-Up Magic in 2022, according to Constellation Stage and Screen’s website. Additionally, he won the International Federation of Magic Societies Grand Prix in 2022, an event considered as the ”Olympics of Magic,” according to Constellation Stage and Screen’s website. 

“Glitches in Reality” is well-recognized as a show that “blends theater and magic,” Constellation's website said. With a mix of sleight-of-hand magic and close-up trickery, the show is supposed to take the audience through a journey that makes them question their reality.  

Chad Rabinovitz, the director of “Glitches in Reality" and artistic director at Constellation Stage and Screen, said he’s worked with Coronel since 2018 to direct this show. 

The Bloomington Playwrights Project, which has since merged with the Cardinal Stage and Pigasus Institute to create Constellation Stage and Screen, is producing the show, according to Rabinovitz’s website. The company built it from the ground up, and while there were some setbacks due to the pandemic, they are ready to premiere the finalized show in Bloomington.  

In the time since the show was first conceptualized, Coronel, who is originally from Australia, has become a regular performer at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, Rabinovitz said. Coronel is also a part time lecturer of perception and illusion at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.  

Coronel is constantly working on his skills, according to Rabinovitz. He said this upcoming performance will feature three never-before-seen tricks from Coronel.  

“This is unlike anything that has been in Bloomington before,” Rabinovitz said.  

Rabinovitz said that this is the first time Constellation will produce a magic show. The Bloomington Playwrights Project has produced a few, but none have been like what Coronel and Rabinovitz hope to achieve.  

“This show is attempting to make the crossover between theater and magic,” Rabinovitz said. “It’s no longer putting the assistant in the box.”  

He said he and Coronel hope to put more emotion and storytelling behind the magic Coronel performs, moving away from traditional magic shows. 

“People who are coming to this show are literally seeing the best of the best,” Rabinovitz said. “This is one of my favorite things I’ve ever been a part of.”  

Tickets are available for $43 on the Constellation Stage and Screen website.

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