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Saturday, Dec. 2
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Quick and easy Funfetti dip recipe to try with your friends


I discovered this recipe when I was looking for a fun dessert for a dip night with my friends. This quickly became a popular dish within our friend group. It is yummy and can be made in five minutes, so I always look for an excuse to make it.


Eight ounces of cream cheese

Eight ounces of cool whip

1/3 to 2/3 cup of milk

One box of Funfetti cake mix

Sprinkles (optional) for garnishing


Take the cream cheese out so it can soften to room temperature.

Once it is softened, add the cool whip in and mix the two together. Make sure the cream cheese clumps are smoothed out.

For the milk start at 1/3 cup and go from there. The more milk means the creamier the dip will be, so that is up to your preference.

Add the box of Funfetti dip and a layer of sprinkles to the mixture and mix well.

Garnish the top of the dip with sprinkles (preferably rainbow).

Enjoy the dip with animal crackers!

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