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Thursday, June 13
The Indiana Daily Student


COLUMN: Three places in Bloomington that feel far away from Indiana


Have you ever been to a place that reminds you of somewhere else?  

Maybe you’ve caught a scent that reminds you of fall back home. For some students, moving to Bloomington felt like moving to a big city compared to their hometown. For others, it now feels like they’re in the middle of nowhere. No matter where you stand, there are certain places in Bloomington  reminiscent  of locations outside Indiana. Here are three local spots that evoke the feeling of being somewhere far, far away.  

Gables Bagels: New York City 

I am sure you have heard of Gables Bagels –– the delicious bagel shop you crave on Sunday morning. According to their website, Gables Bagels is dedicated to bringing fresh baked, authentic NYC-water bagels to Bloomington. And that is exactly what they do! The entire experience at Gables is reminiscent of New York–– the long line, the interior, the delicious NYC-inspired bagels and of course, the passionate and talkative owner Ed Schwartzman. I highly recommend trying Gables Bagels to feel like you stepped into an East Coast restaurant.  

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Griffy Lake and Trails: Washington  

Griffy Lake and Trails are also a popular destination for students, and no wonder! The beautiful fall foliage alongside multiple hiking trails resembles hiking in the Washington mountains. Although Bloomington’s hills are not the mountains in Olympic National Park, the feeling of being surrounded by nature is the same. Bloomington’s 1,200-acre nature preserve surrounding a 109-acre lake is a great escape from the campus and the digital world gluing you to your phone. If you are in need of a breath of fresh air, Griffy Lake and Trails is the perfect place to go with friends, especially now with trees of different colors.  

Uptown Cafe: Lousiana  

Right on Kirkwood Avenue is the Lousiana-inspired restaurant Uptown Cafe. Uptown Cafe opened in Bloomington in 1976, and since then, has become a Bloomington landmark. According to Uptown Cafe’s website, the restaurant is guided by an enduring love of Cajun flavors. With the shrimp and grits, seafood gumbo and Lousiana hot pepper chicken, the food is sure to take you to New Orleans.  If you are looking for a taste of Louisiana in the Midwest, check out this cafe on  Kirkwood.  

There are some aspects of Indiana, like wearing sweatshirts and jeans to football games, that are inherently Midwest. But what makes Bloomington so beautiful is the diversity of its people, with folks from many different regions blending together in only a 23-mile radius. If you are craving an experience that transports you to another place, or maybe somewhere like home, consider checking out one of these local spots.

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