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Saturday, April 20
The Indiana Daily Student


OPINION: Treat yourself to a night of comedy


I recently went to a Gabriel Iglesias, known by the stage name Fluffy, show in Evansville, Indiana with two friends of mine on October 27th to share a night full of laughs and fun. The jokes kept the crowd entertained and engaged. My friends and I had a blast. Afterward, I realized just how good it felt to laugh. If you haven’t been to a comedy show before, this winter is a perfect time to give it a shot. 

I first learned of Fluffy while watching a comedy special on Netflix with my dad and stepmom. His jokes were funny when I was younger and still make me laugh to this day. My friends’ introductions to him were like mine, and seeing his live show felt like a full circle life moment for the three of us. 

If you’re able to coordinate it, I suggest going to a comedy show with friends. It’s a great shared experience and keeps the jokes alive after the show. But if that doesn’t work, it’s okay to go alone. You’ll still laugh and enjoy the show. It’s dark in the audience anyway. 

After the Fluffy show, I realized when I leave a venue after a comedy show, I feel so much better than when I arrived. I feel lighter and more relaxed. Turns out, there is a reason –– laughter can reduce stress. According to the Mayo Clinic a laugh cools down your stress response and increases then decreases your heart rate and blood pressure. In addition to reducing stress, laughter also improves your mood, immune system and helps reduce pain. Laughter is the best medicine, after all. 

Luckily, you don’t have to travel to Evansville like I did to experience some of the best comedians performing today. Every week, the Comedy Attic in Bloomington draws in some of the best comedic talent in the country. All-time greats like Tig Notaro, Hannibal Buress, Marc Maron and John Mulaney have performed at the well-respected comedy club. The Comedy Attic even hosts the Limestone Comedy Festival each year that brings top-notch talent to town. 

Can’t make it to a live show? We also live in an age where comedy can be on our TVs, phones and computers in seconds with the help of YouTube or Netflix. I prefer going to live shows for the energy and because the jokes hit harder, but when you need a good laugh, a comedy special can be a good substitute.  

Life can be stressful and serious. We have a lot to worry about and it can feel overwhelming. Laughter helps us get through tough times, reduce stress and make lasting memories with our friends. Next time you need a break from studying or a weekend plan, find a comedy show and let your laughter take over for a while. You’ll feel better afterwards. 

Jack Davis (he/him) is a freshman studying journalism. 

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