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Saturday, June 15
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Four books to read during the fall to make you love reading


Fall is the best time to cozy up with a good book and escape to a different reality. The thought of curling up with hot chocolate when it’s chilly out makes me want to pick up more books than during any other season, and it remains my favorite time of year. 

This list of four books includes some of my most recommended reads for the fall time. They are a variety of different genres, but each of them is perfect for this time of year. 

“The Silent Patient” by Alex Michaelides (2019) 

Mysteries are arguably the best books to read during the fall, and I found this one to be particularly great. After Alicia Berenson allegedly shoots her husband one evening, she refuses to speak another word at all. The protagonist, Theo Faber, a criminal psychotherapist, is determined to get through to Alicia and figure out why she killed her husband.  

I read this book in just one night because I had to know what happened next. With short chapters, and a plot twist that had my jaw on the floor, I found “The Silent Patient,” to be one of my favorite mysteries. This chilling story made the experience of staying in on a chilly fall night even better. 

“The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde (1890) 

When the weather is gloomy and cold, it is the perfect time to read about morally gray characters who make bad decisions. In this classic, Dorian Gray sells his soul for eternal youth and beauty. While Dorian retains his youth over the years, a painted portrait that he keeps of himself slowly decays with time, depicting Gray as hideous and evil. He keeps the painting hidden under lock and key, so no one sees his true self.   

I haven’t read very many classics in my life, but out of the few I have read, I recommend this one the most. Even though Dorian Gray makes terrible decisions and is an unlikeable character, the dreary setting and dark storyline compelled me to read further. 

“The Ex Hex” by Erin Sterling (2021) 

When Vivienne Jones was 19, she accidentally put a curse on her ex-boyfriend, Rhys Pennhallow. This witchy romance follows the couple nine years later when the curse starts to affect their town, Graves Glen. They encounter ghosts, talking cats and possessed plastic skulls, which makes it the perfect spooky fall romance.  

I will admit I am not the biggest fan of romance books, but I found myself enjoying this one. Even though romance plays a big role, it’s not the only thing that makes the novel compelling. The small-town setting, loveable characters and magical elements made me love this book for more than a romance. It offers elements of a modern-day fantasy that I love. 

“Throne of Glass” by Sarah J. Maas (2012) 

My favorite genre of books to read during the fall is fantasy, without question. Curling up by the fire when it’s raining out and reading a 500-page fantasy is my idea of a perfect fall night.  

In the first of this eight-book series, Celaena Sardothian, also known as “Ardalan's Assassin,” is released from prison to battle in a competition to become the “King’s Champion.” She has to defeat 23 killers, thieves and warriors in order to earn her freedom. After other competitors get mysteriously murdered, Sardothian takes it upon herself to figure out who, or what, is behind it. This series is an easy-to-follow fantasy, with strong and loveable characters and a world I have never regretted escaping to. 

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