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Monday, March 4
The Indiana Daily Student

Black Voices

Black Voices: Four must-see documentaries


In the spirit of remaining properly informed, I have compiled a list of documentaries I believe everyone can and should watch. They include historical accounts, examinations of long-standing systems and one wildly outrageous story depicting the human experience with romance.  

Capitalism: A Love Story (2009) 

Popular leftist director Michael Moore examines the involvement of corporate dominance in our everyday lives in this documentary. He speaks with people whose lives have been destroyed or led astray by capitalism, questioning the cost Americans will have to pay for a broken system now and in the future. It will make you laugh out of disbelief and might make you cry from frustration, seeing first-hand accounts of people working themselves to death to survive. Moore searches to discover the answers to an important question: Why do so many Americans believe in capitalism? Why do we think the way we do? 

Five Broken Cameras (2005) 

This film is recorded by and follows the family of Emad Burnat, a man who gets his first camera after the birth of his fourth son. He wants to record his son growing up in Gaza, but soon daily arrests and night raids are documented as his family members experience violence at the hands of the Israeli army. The title is derived from camera after camera being destroyed, shot or smashed in raids. If you want to witness firsthand accounts of what has been occurring in the Middle East for decades, this is the documentary to watch.  

Gaza Fights for Freedom (2019) 

This debut feature film from journalist Abby Martin follows her denial of entry into Gaza by the Israeli government, fearing she was there to spread propaganda. She then works with a team of journalists in Gaza to create this film through the blockaded border. It was filmed during the height of what is known as the “Great March of Return” protests, a series of demonstrations by the oppressed people of Gaza taking place from 2018-2019. The film displays Gaza’s history along with a portrayal of individuals fighting against a violent military and government. This film is an excellent choice if you are looking to broaden your knowledge of foreign affairs and history.  

Finding Frances (2017) from “Nathan for You”  

This unique documentary is part of a television series on Comedy Central titled, “Nathan for You.Nathan Fielder hosts the show, going to struggling small businesses, adopting unorthodox and comedic ideas to improve their business model and bring in more customers. However, “Finding Frances” strays from the show’s theme, with Fielder helping a Bill Gates impersonator, who does frequent work for him, find his long-lost love. This feature-length episode is a great insight into life and regret, showing the human experience of persisting and sacrificing potential happiness for those we hold dear.  

If you only watch one of these films, let it be those like “Gaza Fights for Freedom” and “Capitalism: A Love Story,” that enlighten and inform you on events throughout history and today that the United States government influences. Perhaps you will walk away angry or confused, but accept the information with an open mind, as dedicated individuals put time into these works for you to sit down, listen and act accordingly.  

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