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Thursday, Feb. 29
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COLUMN: Ranking and reviewing canned caffeinated drinks


Your eyes are feeling heavy, your legs are tired and you can’t seem to focus in class. You would love to go home and take a nap, but your busy schedule doesn’t allow it. 

When you desperately need to reset your energy levels, here are some canned caffeinated drinks to consider. I sampled six unique caffeinated drinks from Fresh Thyme and ranked their taste and effectiveness on a scale of one to 10.  

 Peach Mandarin by FITAID Energy – 2/10 ($3.29 for a 12 fluid ounce can) 

This low-calorie, high-caffeine drink was overwhelmingly sweet with a bitter aftertaste. Unless I am in dire need of 200 milligrams of caffeine, I will probably never buy this drink again.  

Peach Green Tea by Steaz – 4/10 ($2.19 for a 16 fluid ounce can)  

The Steaz Peach Green Tea (65 milligrams of caffeine) combines the two flavors seamlessly but lacks any depth. The drink received a low score due to its boring nature. If you want these two flavors and these two flavors only, this is the drink for you! 

Oat Chai Latte by Minor Figures – 6/10 ($2.99 for an 8.45 fluid ounce can) 

It doesn’t take an expert to recognize that the oat chai latte by Minor Figures (18 milligrams of caffeine) is a high quality latte. The oat milk makes this drink smooth as butter and the spiced black tea brings out the chai taste. Although I don’t typically indulge in chai lattes, I would happily recharge my energy levels with this beverage.  

Flat White by Costa Coffee – 8.5/10 ($3.29 for an 11 fluid ounce can) 

The Flat White by Costa Coffee (85 milligrams of caffeine) is a perfect fit for all sugary coffee lovers. In one sip, I can taste rich espresso alongside sweet caramel flavor. In addition to its excellent flavor profile, it rings in much cheaper than your average coffee shop latte.  

Zero Sugar Peach Iced Tea by Swoon – 8.9/10 ($2.99 for a 12 fluid ounce can) 

I took one sip of this and was instantly transported back to my home state, Georgia. As someone who does not drink iced tea, I am shocked I loved this beverage. The zero sugar peach iced tea by Swoon (24 milligrams of caffeine) a is fruity, but not too sweet. I recommend this drink to anyone who is looking for a drink with less than 10 calories.  

Cranberry Pomegranate by Yerba Mate  – 9/10 ($2.99 for a 12 fluid ounce can) 

The cranberry pomegranate by Yerba Mate (80 milligrams of caffeine) perfectly captures the fall spirit. The sparkling cranberry pomegranate refreshment had an enjoyable berry flavor that pairs perfectly with fall food. If you are looking for a mid-day boost, I recommend this yummy fall drink.  


That’s all Hoosiers! The next time you need to boost your caffeine levels, I hope you keep this in mind! 

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