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Monday, June 17
The Indiana Daily Student


OPINION: This week's hot takes


Special Guest Star, Visuals Editor Mira Athmarao: People who use the term “Reputation” era unironically are wrong. “Reputation” is a love album that is often misinterpreted as a revenge album. There are three songs that are specifically about revenge, but “I Did Something Bad”, “Look What You Made Me Do” and “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” are 1/5 of an album and calling it a revenge era album disgraces the true meaning of “Reputation”. “Delicate” was also a single that debuted alongside “Look What You Made Me Do”, and it is the true point of Reputation. Her reputation had never been worse, and the fans stuck with her and Joe (at the time) stuck with her. So, by calling it a Reputation era, you blatantly mislabel what is probably her second most romantic album. 

Gentry Keener: Waking up early is not that bad. In fact, it can be relaxing and peaceful. Yes, when you first begin waking up early it can be exhausting, but you get used to it and eventually it’s just part of your everyday routine. The hours between when you wake up and the rest of the world wakes up are so calm and quiet, and dawn is one of the best parts of the day. You also accomplish so much more in your day, and it feels so rewarding. In reality, the only part of waking up early that sucks is having to go to sleep early.  

Natalie Fitzgibbons: Baking can be therapeutic. If you’re stressed, mad or sad you’re able to put your emotions into making brownies or a pie. 

Joey Sills: I am aware that wireless earbuds are far and away superior to traditional wired earbuds, but I am so sick and tired of waking up and realizing, just before I catch the bus to class, that my AirPods are dead. My God. I understand this is completely and totally my fault for not remembering to charge them once a week, but this was never a problem until just a few years ago. It has, on many occasions, absolutely ruined my plans of zoning out, listening to Talking Heads and strolling through campus feeling like a main character in an indie coming-of-age dramedy — tragic! 

Isabella Vesperini: I hate scooters. People always look so stupid when they go around riding them on campus. Can people not walk 15 minutes across campus to class? It kinda seems like they’re being lazy. And people continue to get injured when riding scooters, and in some cases killed too. Is that not a good enough reason not to ride them anymore?? 

Danny William: I see red whenever I see posts cute-ifying police dogs. About every other month, I’ll see a post with a K-9 or some other law enforcement related use of dogs with a caption like “AWWW! The little pupper has a job!” Yeah, that “pupper” has a job, and it’s mauling underprivileged people who step out of line. K-9 units are used as weapons; it’s the equivalent of posting a gun with a sweater on and saying how adorable it is. 

Jared Quigg: No one should have to do anything before noon. 

Faith Badgley: Action is the worst genre of movie. There is just way too much going on that it's hard to follow. I feel like they’re stressful to watch and I don’t want to be stressed when watching a movie. I would much rather watch a drama or comedy any day of the week.  

Prakriti Khurana: Horror movies are not that scary. The only thing that scares us is the sudden and loud sound effects. If you lower the volume of the movie, you will feel significantly less scared. And, in all, watching horror movies is fun and exciting. 

Jacob Lubarsky: The Grateful Dead is the best American band, if not simply the best band, of all time. Their extremely unique blends of jazz, rock, country, blues and more make for some of the most intricate musical experiences that no band could recreate. Their live shows are where the Dead truly shine, and with every jam different from one another, there is endless amounts of content to consume from them. If you have yet to check out the Grateful Dead and all their melodic encounters, I’d recommend one of their highest acclaimed live shows 8/27/72, or my personal favorite, 8/13/75.  

Jack Davis: Sharks aren’t scary. Sadly, the media has portrayed them as terrifying beasts only out to kill humans, but we aren’t even part of their natural diet. I swam in the water with these incredible creatures, and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Sure, sometimes there are situations where a shark mistakes us for prey or is confused by splashing, but it is extremely rare. 

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