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Sunday, June 16
The Indiana Daily Student


OPINION: This week's hot takes


Isabella Vesperini: We should invest more in fun socks. Wearing socks with cool designs is cool and trendy. I have a whole collection of socks: one pair has penguins fishing, another pair has pastel-colored dinosaurs. I recently got a pair for Halloween with skeleton dinosaurs trick-or-treating. Wearing socks with creative designs makes me happy and feel better overall. I also just love looking at all the socks and planning when I'll wear each pair.  

Jack Davis: Overall cereal without milk is better than cereal with milk. In my opinion there are only two cereals that get better with milk, and those are Cocoa Pebbles because the milk turns into chocolate milk and Lucky Charms. For most cereals, putting milk in it makes it worse. The texture doesn’t feel right to me at all and doesn’t boost the flavor at all. This is from someone who loves milk and cereal separately. 

Prakriti Khurana: American football is not football. Soccer is called football in most countries. American football only involves fighting and pushing the other players. It just makes no sense. 

Natalie Fitzgibbons: Fall weather is perfect weather. It’s not too cold, but it’s not too hot. You’re not sweating every time you step outside, but you’re also not freezing. It’s chilly enough where you may need a cardigan or a light jacket, but if it’s sunny out then you’re usually okay without one. 

Danny William: Sex scenes should be in more movies! Sex is an important part of life, and sex shouldn’t be cut from films just because it makes some people uncomfortable. Many sex scenes are important to the plot and emotional arcs of films –– while there may be gratuitous ones, we shouldn’t paint over all of them with the same brush. 

Jared Quigg: The media coverage of the events in Gaza has been abysmal. Check any major media outlet, and you’ll pretty much exclusively get the Zionist perspective — Palestinian voices are not heard. There is never any historical context presented; it is presented as if Hamas and other Palestinian groups are attacking for absolutely no reason. When you’re reading news about this conflict, make sure to do it with a critical eye — much of it is outright propaganda. 

Joey Sills: Every day I wake up and see new Twitter discourse about whether movies are getting to be too long or whether we should start having designated breaks during certain films’ screenings. I understand that “Killers of the Flower Moon” is a very long film — it clocks in at almost three-and-a-half hours — but if you’re unable to sit still for that long without falling asleep or needing to take a break to check your phone, you are the problem. You’re literally sitting in a theater being entertained, there’s absolutely no excuse for the backlash besides your own low attention span. 

Leila Faraday: Instant oatmeal packets taste so much more delicious eaten raw. Two apple cinnamon oatmeal packets with just enough cold milk to cover them is the perfect way to enjoy oatmeal — no heat necessary. 

Gentry Keener: Christopher McCandless was not a bad person and does not deserve the hate that he gets. In high school, when I had to read “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer, so many people in my class started complaining about how selfish and stupid Christopher McCandless was. I have gotten into this argument with so many people since then. It has never made any sense to me. McCandless was severely abused by his parents and just wanted to escape to a place where he could be himself and happy. It isn’t selfish to want to escape a toxic environment, no matter how much money your parents have.  

Faith Badgley: Pencils are better to write with. My handwriting never looks good in pen. The lead on pencils basically conforms to how you’re writing and slants itself and just makes it better to write with. A pen on the other hand does not conform and makes my handwriting look like trash.  

Jacob Lubarsky: The U.S. should not pay ransom fees to save American hostages. It only informs terrorist groups that they can simply take more Americans captive, and in turn, receive a major pay day that will fund their weaponry used to massacre innocent civilians. It only puts more Americans in danger of kidnapping, and in turn, leads to more bloodshed than lives saved. 

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