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Tuesday, June 18
The Indiana Daily Student


OPINION: This week’s Halloween hot takes


Danny William: The eternal war between “Halloween” and “Friday the 13th" should be over. “Halloween” wins forever and ever. “Halloween” is a creatively made, beautifully shot film with one of the creepiest villains ever. “Friday the 13th" is lame and repetitive. Jason Vorhees should go drown in Crystal Lake again. 

Isabella Vesperini: The movie “Twilight” is so bad –– beyond comprehension bad. The acting quality is extremely poor, and it’s way too cheesy. The director couldn’t have chosen worse actors for the film; Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson do not fit the roles of Bella and Edward. Watching this movie ruined the book series for me. Had there been any other two actors who are actually competent, maybe I wouldn’t hate the movie so much. It's too cringey and annoying to watch. 

Jared Quigg: There should not be class on Halloween! Halloween is the best holiday, and we should honestly get the whole week off. We don’t have classes on Christmas or Thanksgiving, and we shouldn’t have classes on an even better holiday. 

Natalie Fitzgibbons: Halloween contains activities such as carving pumpkins that usually start from childhood and can last through adulthood –– compared to other holidays, like Easter, where egg hunting is only socially acceptable for children. Hence, Halloween is a superior holiday. 

Gentry Keener: “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a Christmas movie, not a Halloween movie. The largest section of the movie focuses on Christmastown and ultimately Jack Skellingtons’ want to bring Christmas to Halloweentown. I simply feel so wrong watching it during Halloween. It is exclusively for early December.  

Joey Sills: Halloween decorations are fantastic –– I’m a huge fan. But if your decorations only consist of some photorealistic depiction of a person being hanged or gruesomely murdered, purely for the sake of shock value, then you’re just not creative. Horror doesn’t have to mean being provocative for the sake of being provocative! Take the time to actually be interesting instead of thinking you must recreate a scene from “Terrifier” or “Saw” every year. 

Prakriti Khurana: Halloween should be a holiday for everyone. Even though trick or treating is done later in the day, the preparations towards it take a while, and often people do not celebrate this tradition due to school or work the day after. Everyone should get the time to celebrate this day. 

Jack Davis: Halloween should be given the same treatment as Christmas does. Christmas gets three months in the limelight whereas Halloween gets a month. But even then, we are not even done with Halloween yet and we already see Christmas decorations in stores. It is unfair to the greatest holiday there is. 

Leila Faraday: I very rarely see an actually original, funny costume. But I still like dressing up and seeing other people’s costumes, even if they are totally lame. This year, I was a cowgirl/farmer — again.  

Faith Badgely: Trick or treating should not just be socially acceptable for children and parents. I want to be able to go door to door and get free candy, and but that’s just not as acceptable at the age of 18. It’s unfair. I don’t have any younger siblings or relatives, so I have no excuse to go.

Jacob Lubarsky: There should not exist a social obligation for people to have a different costume for every night they go out. Are you really going to run into the same people two nights in a row? And if so, are they going to judge or belittle you for wearing the same costume as last night? When we were in elementary school, we wore the same costume to school and for trick-or-treating, so why is it now the norm to have a different costume each night? Save your time and money and stick with one costume.  

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