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Wednesday, June 19
The Indiana Daily Student

Black Voices

Black Voices: “Girl Math” is here to save your semester 


The girls that get it, get it. The girl math trend has taken over social media as part of the larger takeover of anything and everything “girlhood” related.  

This year, girlhood has consistently captured audiences’ attention, with new concepts of the girl world gaining traction on the internet. In addition to girl math, women have taken to social media to explain girl dinner, lazy girl jobs, girl boss, and the most profound of them all: hot girl summer. 

Girl math was birthed when women across the nation agreed time, convenience and money are interchangeable currencies. Here is an easy Girl Math example to follow: if you use physical cash to make a purchase, then you actually didn't spend any real money because none was taken out of your bank account. 

The girl math concept started to circulate on the web a little over two months ago, but critics who don’t get it say they believe it’s just an excuse for women’s “impulse spending.” 

Some have appluaded girl math for its whimsical way of handling finances, time management and organization, all of which are essential for students to effectively navigate a successful semester. Therefore, students of any gender can apply girl math to their routines as mid-semester approaches, potentially saving their semester. 

Some simple ways to apply girl math as a student is to use your student ID to pay instead of your debit card. Once again, if no money was taken from your bank account, then it was free- according to girl math. Girl math has even taken it a step further to say you actually saved money that day.  

Girl math can help with tough decisions too. Let's say you have an assignment due in one class, so you don’t attend a different class to catch up on the assignment. According to girl math standards, it all equals out to time well spent.  

Girl math can also be beneficial when creating your weekly schedule. If you are trying to fit an exam study session on your calendar, then you can use the following equation: determine the amount of questions you can miss and still receive a passing grade days prior to the exam, then you’ll know exactly how many hours to spend the night before studying for said exam.  

Congratulations! You just freed up some time for Taco Tuesday. 

Girl math has emerged as a refreshing and optimistic approach to life's everyday challenges. By applying its creative equations, anyone can experience the benefits of this trend. So, as you navigate the rest of your semester, consider letting Girl Math be your guide – it might just save your semester while adding a touch of whimsy to your academic journey. 

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