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Tuesday, June 18
The Indiana Daily Student


OPINION: This week's hot takes


Natalie Fitzgibbons: Nothing can beat the feeling of driving with a car full of your friends, with the windows down, music blasting and everyone singing along to the songs.

Ellie Albin: I don’t believe in alpha men. I believe all men can be taken down — and actually quite easily. One time, I told my very fragile high school teacher (a man) to shut up, and he was so weak he sent me to the dean. He was being condescending! He had it coming! I just can’t stand bullies — whether you’re coming for me, my friends or someone else completely vulnerable and innocent, I’m gonna get ya. 

Jared Quigg: The journalism program at IU needs to be more multidisciplinary. Too many journalism students in my experience don’t know enough about how the government works, or about economics and history. It’s a common joke amongst us that none of us know how to do math (which is true), and we take a sham course called “Stats for Journalists” (read: Stats for Dummies). As painful as I know it would be for us, we should have to take a regular stats class like everyone else. 

Danny William: Purdue University recently unveiled their own ice cream flavors that they’ll sell at football games. Question: why isn’t IU already on this? We need our own bespoke ice cream flavor sooner rather than later, or else there will be riots in the streets. We can, should, must and will get our ice cream! 

Leila Faraday: An opinion or argument does not have more merit because the person delivering it has no emotion on the subject and is able to remain “logical.” Issues affect real people, actually. That can be emotional. 

Joey Sills: Men who hate Taylor Swift are usually doing so with an undercurrent of sexism. Don’t get me wrong, it's totally understandable if you prefer other sorts of music, and there are some very valid criticisms to be leveled at her, but the men who vehemently despise her for seemingly no reason are almost always mad at the fact she appeals to a primarily female audience.  

Isabella Vesperini: Anything pumpkin flavored doesn’t taste good. From pumpkin muffins to pumpkin pie, I can’t stand any of it. The flavor doesn’t bode well for me. You can’t tell whether it’s sweet or savory. Moral of the story: pumpkin should not be incorporated into anything edible for our own good.

Carolyn Marshall: Pens are better to write with than pencils. They are bolder and more pronounced to the point where you feel more official while writing with them. Heck, they’re used for signatures, which is a pretty official job. Pencils are nice, yes, but pens are where they’re really at. 

Gentry Keener: Adults telling you that tattoos hurt is just propaganda to scare you into not getting tattoos. I’m not saying there is zero pain involved at all, and I can’t speak to shading (which to my knowledge is quite painful), but all seven of my tattoos have been close to painless. In fact, I have giggled through many tattoo sessions. There are the moments where you flinch or the few minutes where you are holding your breath and a little longer, but nothing that you can’t handle. I genuinely believe our parents told us growing up that tattoos are these incredibly painful things to scare us.  

Faith Badgley: Cold Chipotle is better. I would rank second day Chipotle straight from the fridge one of the best foods ever, it ranks better than cold pizza. The flavor is just way better when it’s cold. I feel like when it’s hot, the flavor is just dull and not as good.  

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