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OPINION: This week’s hot takes

Isabella Vesperini: Will Ferrell is a bad actor, period. He annoys me and doesn’t fit any role I’ve seen him in. He ruined “Elf” for me and was also bad in “Barbie.” Literally any other actor could’ve filled his shoes in both those movies, but for some reason they picked him.  

Leila Faraday: Oreos are terrible in their original form but are the absolute best addition to ice cream. 

Natalie Fitzgibbons: There is nothing wrong with liking the “Riverdale” series. Pand people should be able to share their interest in the show without being judged for it! 

Ellie Albin: I hate squirrels. I love every other animal, but I can’t find it in my heart to love them. As someone with a sustainability studies minor, I feel like I’m betraying nature, but they just aren’t cute. They’re greedy, they’re ugly and they use humans for food. Despicable.  

Jared Quigg: The NFL is back, and I’d just like to say: taunting should be allowed. It’s bogus that something as entertaining as trash talk is a 15-yard penalty. Professional football is a performance, and making the performance a penalty is nonsensical. Some people (Ellie) say that taunting is unprofessional, and she is right about that, but I think it’s fine. I like it.

Danny William: There should be more cheese than turkey on a turkey sandwich. The turkey is a vehicle for the cheese, not the other way around. 

Joey Sills: Whatever happened to outlaw country? Last week, country music artist Zach Bryan was arrested in Oklahoma for, in his own words, “mouthing off” to a police officer who had pulled over his security guard and demanded he get back into his vehicle after he had stepped out for a cigarette. But Bryan, who had done nothing wrong beside refused to lick the boot, took to Twitter the next day to apologize to the officer and reiterate his support for law enforcement. This is a far cry from Johnny Cash’s historic skepticism and animosity toward the police. Make country music based again! 

Gentry Keener: Boxing is only popular because men enjoy watching people get beat up. The only aspect of boxing is violence. There really is nothing else to it. Men are the predominate gender to watch boxing (both male and female boxing), and one of the only logical explanations I can find is that men enjoy watching violence and rage unfold on screen.  

Jacob Lubarsky: John F. Kennedy is a terribly overrated president. The 35th president is only so beloved because he was a good speaker, a handsome guy and most importantly, was assassinated. If it were not for those three factors, his two-year presidency would be widely overlooked. History absolves 15th President James Buchanon for inadvertently starting the Civil War, though I never hear of any blame towards Kennedy for starting the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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