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Thursday, April 18
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IU addressing unlocked doors, Crimson Card issues following new security measures


IU’s facilities team is working to address several issues regarding Franklin Hall’s new security measures that went into effect today, after several doors were left unlocked and inaccessible by Crimson Card this morning.

Yesterday, Audrie Osterman, The Media School director of communications and marketing, sent an email to all media school students sharing the new preliminary security measures after police responded to three incidents in and around Franklin Hall from Aug. 30 to Sept. 5. The email stated the exterior doors to the building would be locked and only accessible by Crimson Cards, minus the front door. The email also stated IUPD cadets would have a stronger presence in the building.

Around 10:40 a.m., reporters from the Indiana Daily Student tested the status of the four external entrances subject to the new protocols. One set of doors was completely unlocked, and the Crimson Card reader did not work. Another set of doors was locked but could not be opened via the Crimson Card reader. Another set of doors did not naturally shut, allowing those entering the building to open the doors without scanning their Crimson Card. The fourth set of doors fully locked and was accessible by Crimson Cards. Osterman said none of these issues were intentional.

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“I checked with our facilities team on this – they are aware of all these issues and have work orders in to have the affected doors/card readers repaired,” Osterman said in an email. “It is a product of us acting quickly.”

Michael Gray, assistant director of facilities and Franklin Hall building manager, confirmed that the facilities team is actively working to repair the issues.

“We’re aware of what state they’re in, some of them aren’t working quite right,” Gray said. “We’re obviously taking it very serious, and we’re just trying to figure out what are some of the best steps to protect everyone.”

IU Public Safety Communications Manager Mary Keck said in an email that IU Public Safety has worked with The Media School to make adjustments to the building security at Franklin Hall.

“We continue to evaluate any deficiencies and appreciate reports of issues,” Keck said in the email. “Review of the building’s security is ongoing and specific details about security measures cannot be provided to ensure everyone’s safety.”

IU junior Zachary Howui entered the side entrance on the southwest side of the building this morning and the doors were completely unlocked. He did not have to use his Crimson Card to enter the building through this side entrance. However, Howui said he is not concerned about the side door being unlocked.

“I feel like in most buildings there are a lot of doors left open for classrooms, so I don’t see why it’d be a big issue,” Howui said.

IU senior Lily Schairbaum also entered Franklin Hall through the same southwest side entrance through an unlocked door and did not use her Crimson Card to enter the building. She said she did not think much about the door being unlocked and has not heard many students discuss the new security measures yet.

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“But if they said it was going to be locked, then why is it not locked?” Schairbaum said. “It’s just a little concerning.”

IUPD community engagement officers will be in the Franklin Hall Commons area Wednesday from 10 a.m. to noon serving coffee and donuts, according to Osterman’s original email. However, the email said there will be more opportunities for public input in the coming weeks.

This story will be updated.

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