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Saturday, Dec. 2
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COLUMN: The best of Bloomington’s Food Truck Friday


There’s only one month left to enjoy Food Truck Friday. Through the end of October, check out a variety of local food trucks that will serve their food to the public from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. every Friday at Switchyard Park.  

I tried Food Truck Friday for the first time recently, and I was not disappointed. I walked around and tried a small variety of meals as I appreciated the inviting atmosphere. I was pleased to notice that there were people of all ages, and each of the vendors I met served food with bright smiles.  

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Live music played while friends ate together on the grass, and children laughed as they licked their ice cream. There were tables available, but others also brought blankets and lawn chairs. The park was the most crowded around noon or dinnertime.  

When I visited, there were eight different vendors there, including Elli-May’s Smoke BBQ, Tasty Food, La Poblana, JS Thai Food, Little Bowl, Uno Mas Taco Truck, Döner Kebab and Pili’s Party Taco Truck.  

There were multiple food trucks that served different options of food that ranged from Mexican, to BBQ, to Thai. They as well offered a good selection of ice cream from The Chocolate Moose and fun flavored popsicles from Rasta Pops.  

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One of my favorite food trucks I tried was Little Bowl. Their Thai food was delicious and despite their small menu, each dish they cook is exceptional. They offer a drink menu as well and it even includes Boba tea. I ordered fried chicken and fried rice. I liked how the chicken had a sweet but sour taste to it, and you can never go wrong with fried rice.   

My other favorite was Elli May’s BBQ Truck. This truck had the longest line and for a good reason. They cooked their food with such lasting flavor and seasoning. They also prepare large portions for a decent price. I ordered their special BBQ brisket tacos. They came with spicy pickled red onions, cheddar jack cheese and sour cream. My mouth was watering just ordering this dish, and I was definitely full afterwards.  

Food Truck Friday is worth the visit, and I can say with confidence that I will be returning before the end of October. The event doesn’t require any extra fee to enter, you just have to pay for whatever food you decide to order. If you ever find yourself too busy to attend but still want to try the food, you can visit Bloomington Indiana’s website to see which food trucks offer delivery.  

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