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Friday, May 24
The Indiana Daily Student

E-Scooter Safety Tips for a Smooth Ride

A student rides an e-scooter in a bike lane near the IU campus. 
A student rides an e-scooter in a bike lane near the IU campus. 

Electric scooters, or e-scooters, are a great way to cruise around Bloomington. They’re all about convenience and saving the planet. But, with great convenience, comes great responsibility, especially when it’s about keeping yourself and everyone else safe. So, whether you’re a pro rider or you’re just about to start your e-scooter journey, check out these must-know safety tips for a smooth and safe ride:

  • Protect that noggin: Strap on a helmet, just like you would when biking or skating. Your head’s super important, and head injuries are no joke. So, rock that helmet – you can snag one at any of the local bike shops.
  • Scoot sober: Just like any other vehicle, ride sober. That’s it. Scooting high or tipsy messes with your judgment and coordination, so, just don’t.
  • Give it a once-over: Give your e-scooter a quick inspection before every ride. Check the brakes, tires, and handlebars for any signs of damage or wear. Swap it out if anything doesn’t seem right.
  • Start off-road: Before hitting busy streets, practice riding your e-scooter in a controlled environment, like an empty parking lot. Get a feel for acceleration, braking, and turning to build your confidence.
  • Follow traffic laws:  Treat your e-scooter like any other vehicle on the road. Obey those traffic lights, stop signs, and road signs. Green means go, red means stop – easy as that. Safety for you and everyone else!
  • Know where to ride: Stick to bike lanes when you can. If there aren’t any, it’s okay to cruise in the street but refer to the previous tip and be courteous. Skip the sidewalks if you can. If you do ride on sidewalks, let pedestrians do their thing and give ‘em the right of way.
  • Park like a pro: When you’re done zipping around, park your e-scooter where it’s supposed to be – not blocking paths, sidewalks, or ADA ramps.

If you follow these tips and ride with respect and responsibility, you’ll totally soak in the e-scooter perks while making sure everyone stays safe on the road.


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