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Sunday, Feb. 25
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Property owner to demolish KFC, Taco Bell on Third Street


Two Bloomington fast-food restaurants, KFC and Taco Bell, will be demolished, according to plans filed to the City of Bloomington in April 2023.

The two demolished buildings will be replaced with a Crew Carwash at Third Street and Pete Ellis Drive if the plans are approved by the City of Bloomington. Crew Carwash has one location in Bloomington and 40 locations across Indiana.

The City of Bloomington is currently reviewing the proposal.

Gabriel Holbrow, a zoning planner for the city of Bloomington, said the properties' owner began emailing the city of Bloomington Planning and Transporation office in June 2022 to discuss what else could be done with the property.

Holbrow said the property owner and the City of Bloomington did not start discussing the property until January 2023. While the city has recently started to review the demolition plans, he said overall, he does not know the timeline of this project.

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“It is up to the property owners how quickly they want to move or how slowly they want to move,” Holbrow said.

After the City of Bloomington approves a set of plans, it usually takes six to eight weeks for the Planning and Transportation Department to issue a construction permit, Holbrow said.

“The fastest possible timeline would be at least a few months but that would be up to them,” Holbrow said.

Holbrow said a maintenance of traffic plan would be put in place during demolition to ensure cars, pedestrians and cyclists can still get by the site and access the adjacent businesses.

“Of course, construction is always disruptive, that's part of how it is,” Holbrow said. “We do our best to make sure it is at least as disruptive as possible, but we don’t always succeed perfectly.”

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