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Monday, Feb. 26
The Indiana Daily Student


OPINION: This week's hot takes


Natalie Fitzgibbons: Wearing dresses and skirts all the time should be normalized. I enjoy wearing dresses and wore them the first week of my classes, and so many people had a look of amazement or assumed I was going on a date. I’m just a girly girl and being a girly girl should be embraced. Just because everyone else is wearing shorts or jeans, don’t feel pressure to do the same – wear your dresses and skirts and rock them. 

Isabella Vesperini: Someone on this doc is capable of getting away with murder. They resemble Viola Davis from “How To Get Away With Murder” on a spiritual and lawyerly level; they are basically her. #ifyouknowyouknow 

Danny William: Bloomington Pridefest was amazing, but let’s make it even weirder. There were plenty of amazing outfits and makeup looks, but everyone should be required to have a totally weird, awesome outfit to get in. This includes me, who had a fairly lame outfit this year. Give me an incentive! 

Jared Quigg: “Andor” is the best thing to ever come out of “Star Wars.” It’s better than all of the other shows, and even better than the films. The dialogue alone puts most of the series to shame, especially the prequels, which are awful despite the nostalgia a lot of millennials and Gen Z have for them. 

Joey Sills: The four truly great “Star Wars” films are the original, “The Empire Strikes Back,” “Revenge of the Sith” (despite what Jared says about the prequel trilogy) and “The Last Jedi.” Everything else is either perfectly okay or genuinely terrible. 

Ellie Albin: I hate the Nintendo Switch. I really do. Maybe I’m just too emotionally attached to my red Wii console, but I guess I just don’t understand the hype around the Switch and its stupid little remotes that make “Mario Kart” a living hell. Also: yeah! I liked the Wii U! SUE me! It wasn’t true love, but it was love enough. Better than the Switch, anyway. 

Leila Faraday: Wet cat food smells delicious to me. There’s something special about cracking open a fresh can for a furry friend... 

Jacob Lubarsky: John Mayer is an all-around more talented musician than his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift. I must note, Swift has written iconic pop tracks with lyrics that will be more memorable than the most well-known passages from the Bible and she ought to be praised for this achievement. However, this compares little to the phenomenal guitar playing Mayer has provided in both his solo career, and more recently, with Dead and Company (which is essentially a Grateful Dead cover band). And although less iconic, his lyricism is also on par with Swift’s.  

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