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Tuesday, Feb. 20
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COLUMN: Dorm-friendly recipes you can cook right from your room


It’s easy to get sick of dining hall food and microwave meals when you’re living on campus. Luckily, there are still ways to prepare simple, fresh meals from your dorm. Here’s a list of nine dorm-friendly recipes you can make right in your room.  


Scrambled eggs in a cup  

All you need is an egg and a coffee mug. Crack an egg in your mug and scramble with a fork. After putting the egg in the microwave for forty-five seconds, enjoy fluffy scrambled eggs right from your dorm room. Add shredded cheese, veggies and other toppings to spice things up.   

Yogurt Parfait  

There’s no reason why you can’t up your yogurt game in college! Pick up fun toppings at the store and combine them with the yogurt of your choice. I suggest a vanilla Greek yogurt base with chocolate granola and strawberries.  


Did you know that you could make oatmeal with a Keurig? Pour the oatmeal packet into a container and place it under the coffee spout. If you run the Keurig without a coffee pod, you will get hot water. Let the oatmeal sit for a few minutes then stir to the consistency of your liking.  

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Wraps are fun, easy and versatile. You can make a wrap with ham, lettuce and cheese or turkey, bacon and guacamole.  There are plenty of different options to assemble your wrap with – tortillas, naan and even lettuce. Just grab the fillings you want at the store and make the wrap in your dorm. 


For the days that you are too hungry to cook, I recommend having a bagged salad kit handy. You can find pre-packaged individual salads with a variety of different toppings and dressings in any grocery store. It’s quick and easy, and you won’t have to buy tons of different vegetables to make it yourself.  

Dumplings and Rice   

It’s easier than you think. With microwaveable rice pouches, the base of your meal will be done in minutes. You can prepare frozen dumplings in the microwave, too. A little soy sauce on this meal can go a long way. 


Pizza Bagel  

A nostalgic meal that only needs three ingredients. Slice your bagel in half and then add pizza sauce and cheese of your choice. Pop your pizza bagel in the oven or microwave until the cheese is melted.    

Roasted veggies 

Your mom would be thrilled to know you are eating vegetables in college! Venture out to the communal oven with a sheet pan, cooking spray and your favorite seasonings. Whether you choose to roast broccoli, potatoes or peppers, it's a simple way to get your veggies in without too much preparation.  


A true classic. If you want a crispy golden quesadilla, head to the communal stove tops. If not, just warm your quesadilla in the microwave until you get the perfect cheese pull. Plus, if you are feeling fancy, add homemade guacamole to the meal by mixing avocado, seasoning and lime.  

Happy cooking Hoosiers! 

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