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Friday, May 24
The Indiana Daily Student


IU athletic department generates $166 million in revenue for 2022 fiscal year


According to USA Today Sports, IU's athletic department yielded $166 million in revenue for the 2022 fiscal year — No. 13 amongst the 232 schools in the study and No. 5 in the Big Ten — putting IU behind top-earner Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and Michigan State.  

Below is the list of Big Ten school’s athletic departments and where their revenue in the 2022 fiscal year ranks amongst the 232 public schools in the data collected by USA Today Sports:  

No. 1 Ohio State: $251 million

No. 4 Michigan: $210 million

No. 9 Penn State: $181 million 

No. 12 Michigan State: $172 million 

No. 13 Indiana: $166 million 

No. 21 Iowa: $151 million 

No. 22 Wisconsin: $150 million 

No. 24 Illinois: $145 million 

No. 26 Nebraska: $143 million 

No. 29 Minnesota: $135 million 

No. 37 Purdue: $115 million  

No. 42 Rutgers: $109 million 

No. 43 Maryland: $107 million 

The 13 Big Ten public schools — excluding the conference's only private school Northwestern — combined for $2.04 billion in revenue. The 13 Southeastern Conference (SEC) public schools — excluding private school Vanderbilt University — combined for $2.17 billion.  

An article published Wednesday by USA Today's Steve Berkowitz helps conceptualize the financial data from Power Five schools. Berkowitz said USA Today Sports obtained the data via financial reports the schools must annually submit to the NCAA.   

"The numbers for those two conferences (Big Ten and SEC) and the others in the Power Five showed a significant, expected rebound from 2021 amounts that were heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic,” Berkowitz said in the article. “But when taking inflation into account, neither the combined revenue nor the combined spending of the 52 Power Five public schools in 2022 returned to pre-pandemic levels.”  

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