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Tuesday, April 23
The Indiana Daily Student


COLUMN: Summer 2023 trend predictions


After another long stretch of cold days and long classes, we are due for a change in trends for the upcoming season. While there’s no way to truly know what this summer is going to bring, it’s something fun to consider.  

Hoka shoes — not just for running 

Hoka is not a new brand, but it’s finally breaking out of just the running community. Campus has been alive with students in Hokas. As a loyal Hoka customer, I can attest that its shoes are worth the price for comfort. This summer could see an even bigger rise in Hoka wearers, as the warmer weather encourages more outdoor activity. There are even some styles of Hokas that have yet to gain popularity that I could see make their way into summer looks, including the Hoka One One Ora Recovery Slide.  

Kindle and Nook resurgence  

Reading is in style, as always. Recently, my TikTok has been filled with book suggestions and summer reading lists, which makes me believe this habit is here to stay for the summer. The benefits of Nooks and Kindles are the lower prices to download books and convenience of having all your reading in one place. After a rise in podcasts post-pandemic, according to a Forbes article, it seems that reading still remains popular, whether it be digitally or hard copy.  

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Mixing jewelry styles 

People no longer need to choose between gold or silver. The world of jewelry is seeing a lot more variation, with the incorporation of new materials and colors. Jewelry is going to switch from being dainty to being more eccentric. Materials like clay, resin and glass are likely to be seen more frequently in jewelry, as they provide this break from the classic gold or silver options.  

Hometown tourism  

Everybody’s talking about it — gas and plane tickets have continued to be pricey. No matter the state of the economy, people aren’t going to want to stop traveling. This could encourage people to be tourists in their own state or even in their own town. Small businesses will hopefully reap the benefits of this type of tourism, as residents will be looking toward their own home to provide entertainment, food and shopping experiences.  

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Craft time returns 

Afternoon art time will return, just like in kindergarten. When it’s a day that almost feels too hot to be out in the sun, there’s nothing better than sitting down to do a nice craft. I’m thinking sun printing, flower pressing and embroidering. This summer will be full of finding new hobbies to do instead of scrolling through Instagram, and maybe these hobbies will last into the fall.  

Learning languages through music 

Listening to music in another language not only exposes you to a new language, but it makes falling into a music rut nearly impossible. If there’s a genre you like in English, there’s likely the same or a similar genre from another country. Spotify has mixes like Spanish Indie, French Punk Rock and other curated mixes to enjoy in your desired language. The months of summer can be spent immersing yourself in a new culture through language learning.

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