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Saturday, June 22
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COLUMN: A guide to spring and summer fashion


I’ve seen terms like “coastal granddaughter”, “coastal cowboy” and “downtown girl”— among others — floating around on TikTok to describe trending aesthetics generally geared toward warmer weather. I find specific aesthetics to be somewhat confining and potentially encouraging of overconsumption simply to fit a particular aesthetic when really, we can create a unique style from items we already have in our closet. That being said, looking into these trends on apps like TikTok, Pinterest and Instagram can be helpful for drawing inspiration. 

If you feel like your closet is lacking or want to freshen things up in order to curate your style for the warmer months, consider organizing a clothing swap between your friends to exchange pieces you might not wear but someone else might love. You can also check out yard sales as students move out for the summer as well as thrift stores and the many vintage sales that happen all over campus. You should absolutely wear whatever you want whenever you want, but for anyone who wants a bit of inspiration for how to style themselves this season, here are some things I hope to see trending.  

To me, warmer months are about rebirth, regenerating energy, relaxation and most importantly: staying cool. I recently shared a hot take that I strongly dislike all black outfits worn in warm, sunny weather, and I will always stand by this. While all black is a classic, foolproof combination and universally flattering, I can’t help but feel like a hot, suffocated magnet for sunlight when I wear black clothing on warm days. 

Clothing Items  

As for what I do love in warm weather, comfortable and convertible pieces like oversized button up shirts are incredibly versatile for layering on days where it might start off cooler and become warm later on. Long, flowy dresses and loose T-shirts are also easy outfits that are appropriate for a variety of occasions. Playing around with gender norms surrounding clothes and mixing feminine and masculine styles can also help you create an outfit true to your expression. 

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Makeup is clearly in an era of natural and glowy looks, and I think this is ideal for warm weather when you can quickly become sweaty and the sun is constantly on your skin. Though natural looks are in, I still encourage people to play with fun pops of color with eyeliner and eyeshadow, especially for special occasions. 

Colors and materials  

Green, amber, orange, pink and blue as well as neon and pastel shades are the name of the game for clothing this spring and summer. As for materials, I love linen, silk and cotton — they are light, breathable and can be paired with virtually any other fabric. Materials like leather, suede and velvet are best suited for cold weather, as they can be a bit thick and insulating.  


Shoes can make or break an outfit, but I don't think they need to be complicated. A staple leather or canvas sneaker is perfect for any season, and I would opt for these over boots — which can be a bit heavy — when it is warm out.  

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When it comes to accessories, I think we need to see more obnoxiously large sun hats — which are perfect for both protecting your skin from the harsh rays of the sun and keeping people out of your personal bubble. I also love hair scarves for pops of color that can elevate any plain outfit. 

With jewelry, when the weather is warm and I am outside and active, I prefer thinner chains and smaller pieces in general, as heavy, chunky jewelry can make me feel a bit overwhelmed. Try experimenting with coordinating your jewelry colors or makeup to pieces in your outfit or even the setting around you. 

Lastly, I want to emphasize that you should live your truth when it comes to fashion this spring and summer. If all black outfits, leather and statement jewelry are what make your heart happy, then that is your prerogative. If you wear what you love, you are sure to glow, regardless of the weather. 

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